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Anyone tried the Scott Crusair?

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I am considering a pair for my wife. We do almost 90% randonnee with skins, and 10% groomed. She gets down anywhere but has always had early season apprehension of deep pow, that goes away after a few days out.

She now has a pair of Fischer tour light from about 7 years ago, that she likes but don't seem to offer enough surface and are not wide by any means.

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Looks like a cool ski.  Are they only available in Europe?  I have never heard of them or seen them in the US.


I have a pair of Scott Missions that I have used for AT, the past few years.  Similar dimensions I think.  They fit the bill for me, pretty versatile ski for different conditions.  I also have a pair with Alpine bindings that get a lot of inbounds use.



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See a good report on Scott Crusair.






'To be short (and in answer to my initial question): yes, Scott Crusair go!

Did a trip to the local highest place (1324m above sea level) - starting down in the valley I had to gather altitude over 800meters. Reaching the summit I turned to the other side of the mountain, ploughing powders some 400+ meters down. Uphill (skins on, again) back to the summit and 800meters of exctasy back to the parking lot (some 4+ strenuous hours)

Skis: In powders, they go into the (compact) curve even more easily than my late Fischers, while the float is still incredible.... Wow! I am delighted. 
Boots: amazing as well - soft, comfortable at uphilling (no blisters despite the “warm” G-fit inners), miracuosly turning into real “race solid” squezzers while downhilling. Great, great, great.

Sure as hell this kit is the best randonee gear I ever had.'


This is a quote from longer discussion at:






'We had 3 weeks of pure pleasure testing these skis two seasons ago, including a 6 day ski mountaineering trip in the Piz Bernina area of Switzerland. During this period, we threw every thing we could at these skis, crud, hardpack, powder, steep ascents and thrilling descents. The Crusair didn't disappoint, at the end of the test we all decided to make the Crusair our touring skis this season.'

Some online services in Europe will ship to the US, I think I am right in saying:
They are said to be the ski of choice with guides and pisteurs in Verbier.
I have bought a pair myself but haven't skied them yet as a part for my bindings has got lost in the Christmas post! frown.gif


Good luck.

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Since my last post here I have skied 30+ days on my Scott Crusairs in Scotland and the Alps. Great in all conditions though sadly I had very little powder to play in frown.gif. Only vague negative is that I get passed in schusses in resorts as they are so light. That said they are a touring ski and are simply great for this. Light on feet or on pack in ascent, solid on ice and a joy to ski tight turns or wide. The extra width can demand extra care when following icy tram lines on well trafficked traverses into classic off piste descents but that would apply to any wider ski.



See my report and a longer discussion on the Winterhighland forum



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