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Rocker Ski Size Question

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I found a pair of 184 Salomon Rocker2s. Mmmm goodness.


The question for me is whether they'll be too big.


Me: 5'6", 145 lbs, Advanced Skier, 43 yo.


I know they'll kill it the deep stuff but was wondering if they'd be too big for daily blasting through crud at Whis.


My daily ski has been 176 Gotamas and I have a pair of 183 Katanas for cat skiing and super deep days.




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Are you happy with the Katana as a 'Big Dump' ski? If so, why look at the Salomon? It's gonna feel bigger than the Katana... mostly because it IS.

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2012 Rocker2, not the Rocker. Pretty much comparable in size to my old flat Katanas but shaped like a JJ or S7.


But thinking about it overnight I think I will pass on the skis. I love the Katanas and will use them one more season for deep stuff. Really what I need is a daily driver, more like a 178 Gotama, Helix or something like that. thx

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The 184cm Rocker2 is supposed to be 142-122-132 with a lot of rocker tip and tail, The Katana is 141-111-131, an 11mm difference at the waist... that's a bigger jump than your Goat-to-Katana (Gotama is 133-105-124). Just sayin' (also making sure you know I didn't mis-understand the question).

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Thanks for the excellent advice - beautiful ski, but a lot of it. I think I made the right choice to let them go - as I said above, really what I need is a daily driver to replace the old Goats. 179 Fujas, 178 Gotama, 176 Helix and 179 Bridge are some of the skis I'm considering.

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OK, Whiteroom, now you're going to have to help me out. Someone came by and bought my Gotamas last night for a crazy price so now I find myself without a daily ski.


What are your thoughts? Some I'm considering: 179 Fujas, 178 Gotama, 179 Bridge, 176 Helix.  I will ski Whistler about 30 days & a couple days at each of Jackson and Snowbird this season. And I have my Gen1 Katanas for cat skiiing.


Votes? Suggestions from you smart ski obsessed people?

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The new Goats and Fujas both have rocker. Friend of mine uses Gotamas every day/condition and loves them, he has used them for years, and is happy with the new ones.


Did you buy one of the Rocker2's from Comor? They still have any left? I wouldn't mind playing with some.

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