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Which ski jacket under $150?

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I'm new to EpicSki!  I'm looking for a ski/snowboard jacket for under $150.  For skiing, I plan to wear an Under Amour Coldgear long sleeve turtle and a sweatshirt underneath.


I also plan to wear it for rainy/snowy days in Maryland.  I'm replacing a Columbia 3-in-1 ski jacket.


Which of these would be the best, or do you have a recommendation?  Am I even on the right track?  Thanks in advance!


Orage Bart Insulated ($67 after 30% off):




Salomon Loud Jacket ($90):




Under Armour Barker Shell ($105 after 30% off):




Burton System Jacket ($129):




686 Levis Structure Shell ($130):




Orage Boris ($104 after 20% off)::




Oakley Battallion Lite ($110 after 20% off):




Sessions Works ($110 after 20% off):




Armada Radar ($115 after 20% off):




Special Blend Utility ($120 after 20% off):




Bonfire Blur ($120 after 20% off):




Armada Spectrum ($120 after 20% off):




Outdoor Research Elixir ($125 after 20% off)




Oakley Batallion ($130 after 20% off):




Ride Capitol Down ($134 after 20% off):




Bond National ($139 after 20% off):




Bonfire Dakar ($142 after 20% off):




Burton Slub ($143 after 20% off):




Ride Delridge ($144 after 20% off):




Sessions Atlas ($144 after 20% off):




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Since I'm not receiving any responses, maybe I'm approaching this all wrong.


Should I look for materials instead of jacket?  For example, a Gore-Tex Performance or Gore-Tex Pro jacket with insulation?  Is one better than the other?


What about these jackets:


Marker Amber Dew Point II




Cloudveil Down Patrol (Windstopper).  Is Windstopper as good as Gore-Tex Performance or Gore-Tex Pro?



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I have had jackets from several different manufactures and have come to the conclusion that the top line breathable/waterproof materials are about equal. The all stop the wind and moisture, but if it is breathable then it is not a real raincoat after the first time you wash it.  If you do not wash it eventually they get dirty and stop being breathable.  I may be naive or stupid, but the various kinds of Cortex and related fabrics seem to be mostly marketing hype, and will all stop being really breathable and waterproof after a hard season or two.  You can pay $500 for a jacket that is only 15% better than one that about one third the sale price of other good ones.


Considering the high cost, I will not buy a jacket unless it has all the features I want:  Powder skirt, pit zippers, high comfortable collar, lots of pockets, good cuffs, and nice and long.  Fit and function always trumps brand name on a powder or bad weather day.  I always just buy shells because layering makes them more functional.


I bought a pair of off-brand Chinese made triple point Gortex pants on Overstock.com a couple of years ago for $39 that have powder cuffs, full length zippers with welded seams, and a high waist with built in suspenders that were supposedly over $200 full retail. I realize that was an exceptional deal, but they turned out to be an outstanding garment that has taken years of abuse and still performs well, so it is hard for me to take the $300 top of the line stuff very seriously.  Sure there are quality issues between brands, but the fabric is what it is, so you just have to sort out the rest.


FWIW:  Marmot is "guaranteed for life" and can be had for a reasonable price. If you have problems they are good about replacing them, even after years of use.

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Mid Atlantic? My personal preference would be for the Salomon or Marker, the OR as a 3rd choice that would be a first choice for September-november hiking in Shenandoah.

Ditch the sweatshirt & find a Thermal Pro /"Monkey Fur" midlayer for the truly bitter days.
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I prefer the versatility in layering, and if that's a route you want to go then I highly recommend the Cloudveil Koven Plus ... it lists for over $400 and typically sells for $230+, but LevelNine has a Medium for $159...




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I ended up buying the Sessions Ballistic Snowboard jacket for only $101 shipped (Reg $329).  Gore-Tex, Fixed Snap Away Suspension Storm Skirt, Pit Zips, Lycra Hand Cuffs, RECCO, GORE TEX 2 Layer Twill Fabric, 100% Polyester insulation.



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