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mounting bindings

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i purchased a set of marker schizo bindings and am trying to mount them to a pair of pre-drilled 2010 k2 hellbent skis. easy right. what do all of the numbers mean? ex. 265-289, 290-309, 310-329 ect. they r on plate, under binding and din(top)

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Those indicate the minimum and maximum range of the boot sole lengths for which that those mounting holes would be used to secure the binding and stilll allow the binding to be adjusted to fit the boot.  I don't know if it's brand specific or not; my plates would only fit markers and I got Marker comps.  My daughter's skis came with matching Marker bindings as well.


eg. for my 315 mm boot sole I would use the set of holes marked 310-329 (I can't see the numbers in the photo so I'm using your numbers).


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somewhere in here is an example of Rossi/Look plates

As said, numbers are related to hole patterns for range of bsl.

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