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Jackson Hole, what do i need to know to go?

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A friend and i are thinking about taking a jackson hole trip this year. We will be driving from laramie (6 1/2 hrs.). Were going to pack enough food water and beer for a weekend but will probably need a hot meal sometime. Also would like some suggestions on where to stay. Hostel or hotels that are affordable. Doesnt really matter how close to the mountain we are. Anything else we need to know about jackson?

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I'll just leave this here: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/78941/updated-steep-skiing-guide-to-jackson-hole

Doesn't help your lodging question, but should still come in quite handy.
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I asked somebody once what I need to know to go to Jackson Hole.  They told me I need to know how to ski. frown.gif

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I did a budget trip a few years ago and stayed at the Super 8 Jackson hole.  Nothing fancy but the hotel was clean and staff was very helpful.  The hotel is located close to both the town and mountain shuttle.  I dont know if it is still available, but we did a package deal for about $100 dollars pp/pn which included lodging, lift ticket, and continental breakfast. The room we stayed in had both a microwave and fridge.   A supermarket was also located within walking distance.

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The Hostel  is about as basic as you can get, bunk bed, shower toilet easy walk to the lifts.

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There was quite a bit of discussion of motel options when the Gathering was at JH (wat that two years ago?).  Might be worth digging up that old thread.

There are lots of options in town that are good deals (nice rooms and pretty cheap) -- that's where most people, myself included, stayed.  Since you have a car, you might find a super-cheap option towards the edge of town, but I don't know.


As for the Hostel (formerly Hostel X) http://www.thehostel.us/, it is still a good deal but it is no longer the ridiculously good deal it was in the past.  And you can't beat the location -- it is closer to the tram than many of the thousand dollar a night places.


If the Village Center Inn is still there, it is my favorite place to stay.  Pretty cheap, and right next to the tram.  THey often had excellent package rates. They were supposed to tear it down, but the economy collapsing might have saved it.  I havent checked lately.

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Cowboy Village is tough to beat.  $100 a night and you get a great location in town to walk to everything, shuttles to/from Teton Village, hot tub, continental breakfast and best of all...a microwave, 2 burner stove, fridge and coffee maker, complete with dishes and cookware/utensils.  Cook your own hot breakfast and dinner, pack a lunch.  The shuttle is super convenient, no paying for parking at JH.


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Thanks for the link jaobrien, great thread. Onell, bill, mdf, ill be checkin that thread and checking these places out. Taylor, 100 a night might be too steep for us unless we can get another couple people to come along but im game for anything within walking distance.

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Now that i think of it ive stayed at that super 8 in town about 6 years ago in summer, dont think it was too bad of a place, is the mountain high pizza pie still there?

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Have lived here for 12 years, we (wife and I) always stay that the Village Center Inn if there is a "drinking" event out at the village.  Sometimes you can find good deals at the Inn at Jackson Hole, also at the Village.


Cowboy Village is where I usually put up our friends and family, we live in town in a 700 sf one bedroom. Bubba's BBQ moved from across the street to next door!  Excellent breakfast, hear the actual BBQ is good too.


The Super 8 is now called "The Point"  residence hotel, so I assume kitchenettes etc. looks nice from the outside and is next to the Rendezvous Bistro (Entrees $14-30).


Can't hurt to call JH Resort Lodging too, they can combine condos with lift tickets for a really good deal.


The Hostel is also awesome for lodging and old school cachet.


Remember there isn't too much going at the Village at night, fine if it ski only, but if you like to party, then town might be better. Plenty of buses so no need for a car if you stay in town.  Sorry, dinner guests just got here, more later.


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 Bubba's BBQ moved from across the street to next door!  Excellent breakfast, hear the actual BBQ is good too.



I drove by the old Bubba's yesterday aftering skiing JH, and boy did I panic seeing the place all deserted.  I thought Bubba's was no more.  I didn't even look across the street to see the new Bubba's.

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JH is awesome.  This will be our 9th consecutive year at Jackson Hole.  I personally like a short walk to the lifts rather than driving in every morning.  HostelX or Village Center Inn is where we stay, with preference to VCI which is 50 feet from the tram.   The VCI has a full kitchen where we make coffee and breakfast and relax  on non powder mornings.  Powder mornings its all bout getting ready early enough before the line gets too long on the TRAM.


Note I think they charge to park you car at JHMR.  Check out the START bus system in Jackson and Teton Village.


As for eats, we usually go into the town of Jackson.  I like the Teton Steak House with their huge soup and salad bar, Bubas BBQ, Billy's Burgers, and Rendezvous Bistro.    You can bring your own beer into Buba's  BBQ  but WY state law says you can not take any of your beer out.  The locals make  trips to the parking lot to bring more beer in if needed. 


Cowboy  Million Dollar bar and grill is must place to see where they have some great two step bands almost every night with pool tables.  There is also a billards room not far from the Cowboy. 


Albertson's Supermarket in the town of Jackson is the main supermarket where you can also buy beer and spirits.  Albertson sells a pack of 3 ready made half subs that we buy for lunch.  Save money by getting an Albertson's card. 


JH is awesome.  Enjoy! 

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Bubba's has changed the BYOB policy since they got their own bar service.  I think that changed a few years ago.

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