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Volkl G3 Vertigo

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Last season I picked up a pair of Blizzard 8.1's and new boots that I really enjoyed. It's amazing how far design has come over the past 10 yrs. I have been skiing on 184cm Vertigo G3 Vertigos that have treated me well. I even went so far as to put new bindings on them last year with a plan to keep them as seconds. But it's pretty tough to jump back and forth between the Blizzards and Volkls. I don't get out as many days as I used to to justify two pairs. But, if they don't really have any value to anyone, I guess there's no sense is getting rid of them.


My question is, do they have any real value on the open market?

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they are a very popular rock ski around here, very early season you see a lot of G-3 and G-31, a real classic with proven performance. For me, having gone to the less durable 724 Pro next, the last great ski they made in that class. But resale at this point, I don't think so. they are worth more as rock skis, depending on your size and ability to drive them of course.

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