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Might be that they have found a stance that works equally well regardless of which direction they are traveling.  Are you sure they weren't skiing switch at the time?th_dunno-1[1].gif

Didn't Woody Allen once say that going both ways doubles the chance for a date on a Friday night?

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to answer the OP its just something in most case they gravitated to, no one is teaching skiing like that. Well accept I do show kids every little bumps/transtion/jump that we can safely hit on the hills because its fun for them(and ME!) and its get them to keep turning all over the hill. 

Maybe you come across as a "know it all" when you post that you are the only one teaching these kids to ski?

where did I say I was teaching park rats how to ski, I could learn TONS from them in the park. 



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Tog's post in the recent "Foot Squirt" thread exposed me to the online versions of "Skiing Heritage Journal". What a treasure! Poking around through the archives I came across this...




Fantastic article, "The One and Only Stein". Thought I'd share in case you might be interested.



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This thread is hilarious!


I'll throw in my 2 cents.  Personally, I get really freaking bored skiing with my hands out in front of me making "proper" carving turns.  I used to race, I've been skiing since the age of 2, I know how to ski "properly".  Have you ever realized that it's not that fun to just repeat the same motions over and over again?  A few years ago I really started to switch up my skiing stance, especially on groomers.  A lot of the time you'll see my shoulders parallel with the fall line and I'll just switch back and forth between forward and switch a lot.  A lot of times I stand straight up and just kind of ride the ski, not actively trying to initiate turns.  A lot of the time I'll turn my shoulders the opposite way that I'm carving and kind of lean backwards into my carve using the outside edge of my inside ski to turn.  Why do I do these things and many others that probably look ridiculous?  They're FUN!  It's super fun to play with the way a ski reacts and the way I make a ski do different things is by doing different things with my body.  Do I ski like this when i get into the trees or powder?  No, that wouldn't work at all...  Do I ever try and make proper carving turns down a groomer?  Of course!  It's super fun to get into Super G race mode and just rip the fall line.  Do people still look at me funny cause I'm still wearing a jacket down to my knees and pants covering my boots? Absolutely.


Just because someone is doing something you don't understand doesn't mean they don't understand it.  I definitely agree that there are some kids out there that are just straight lining to the park, but I think a lot of people on this website would be surprised and impressed by the kind of understanding these "park rats" have of skiing.  Edge control, weighting, etc, etc. all becomes increasingly important in the park.

This poster must be my long lost twin, separated at birth.  Welcome brother.

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