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WTB 184 Mantras

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I am looking to buy a pair of 184 mantras. I don't care about the year, as long as they are in decent shape and have plenty of edge left.

If they are mounted with beefy bindings, all the better! Thanks -


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Someone just listed some in the seattle craigslist for 350

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thanks, I just checked those out.


Unfortunately they are a little short. (As a side note, I don't trust that type of marker toe piece unless they are on the comp 30's...and even then I don't trust them).

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I have a pair of 184 Mantras with Salomon 912 bindings. They are from the 06 season (Red top sheets). They are in very good condition, one small ptex repair job, minor chipping on the top sheets. I have pictures if interested. Make me an offer.

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