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FS: 188 K2 Axis (aka "Mod 7/8") - almost new - REDUCED TO $200 !!!

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For sale: 188 K2 Axis (2000-2001 season, known then as the "Mod 7/8") (Almost new condition) - $200

I used it exactly 1 run - the original base wax is still visible. Edges, bases and topsheet are in mint condition - not even minor dings. No rust. Drilled once for Tyrolia PS 8's, but bindings are NOT included (already gone). Given to me as a gift, but I already had another similar pair.

This ski is identical to the current K2 Axis now in shops, and selling for $630 (MSRP), $469 (street price at places like skiershop.com).

My impression of this ski is pretty much like the reviews below. It is a good solid ski in all conditions, but it especially shines in difficult conditions - crud, slop, cut-up powder - Very stable, very damp, very forgiving. Ski it at 188 (a bit longer than usual groomer sizing) for stability in difficult snow. It is still a very quick turner even in soft snow at that length. The softer flex and extra sidecut compared to Axis X and Axis X Pro models makes the Axis turn on a dime. Probably best for intermediate to advanced skiers in the 150 - 180 lb range that want to ski when everybody else is heading for the lodge.

This model was a winner and has remained unchanged since its introduction in 2000-2001 season except for a change in name and color. This model year still has the piezo damping circuit which was removed in 2001-2001 because of patent licensing problems with the vendor.


www.escrow.com preferred (safer than Paypal for both buyer and seller).

If escrow.com is used, buyer pays escrow charges and I'll pay shipping within USA.

Contact me by Private Message on EpicSki.com, or at yot0002001@yahoo.com


(If you already are familiar with the ski, you can skip the following sections.)

1) Ski Magazine's Gold Medal in 2000-2001.
2) I don't have a copy of the review issue for 2001-2002, but I think it won again.
3) Editor's Choice and Best Buy in 2002-2003.


1) From Skiing Mag 2002 on-line gear review:

Price: $ 625
Ski Type: freeride intermediate
Lengths Tested: 174,181
Tip/Waist/Tail: 111-70-101
Long turns/stability: A
Short turns: A-
Moguls: B+
Forgiveness: A-
Crud/powder: A+

A true all-mountain freerider, it was the number-1 ride in its category. It's a 4WD ski that's easy to drive, stable, and smooth. It floats in powder and arcs on groomed. Simply put, it'll master anything on the mountain with panache.

2) From Peter Keelty 2002:

K2 Axis - All Terrain - Experts & Intermediates - Versatile all terrain ski, solid at speed, manageable at lower speeds, smooth, holds well, forgiving, but capable of high performance - C-4,SK-4,R-4,ST-4,Q-4,T-3,W-4,D-3 ( carving, skidding, rebound, stability, quickness, tracking, weight, forgiveness; 5=best possible score, 3 = average ) - 111/70/101

3) From Sept 2002 Ski Mag (p.131):

With all the emphasis in this category on wile eyed, white knuckled upside potential, it nice to find a ski that is nothing more than a welcome home sign made of wood and fiberglass. The Axis earned universal raves for "calm, confidence inspiring performance" as Sabanosh puts it. "Do it all - carving, gliding, you-name it - without excessive energy". The snappy wood core, wrapped in fiberglass is calmed by k2's highly effective Mod damping technology - an elastomeric secondary core that quiets vibrations to keep the ski snow-bound. "Marvelously versatile," say Campbell. "Polite, soft-spoken, easy to mange, but with real strength of character." The k2 Axis is "playful and exuberant in softer snow," says Cutts, "and highly forgiving". All testers noted the uncanny sense that the Axis had been custom-built for them, adapting "to almost any technique," says Thoren. Forgiveness (#3) and amazing versatility of turn shape; almost any technique works.

4) From the Sept 2001 Ski Magazine Buyer's guide (review #1 - p. 127):

Last year, k2 made a highly successful leap into high-tech, with the help of Boeing Labs and k2's glacier-mad engineer, Anthony DeRocco. The technology - called "Mod" for modular - subsumed an old, successful, wood-core construction beneath a second, new, rubber-lobed core. One ski with Mod technology, the 7/8, (70 mm waist, 18 mm sidecut) was such a forgiving, big-mountain ski last year, we gave it a gold medal. So k2 made it again but changed the name and the graphics to keep us honest. Now called the Axis, the ski still feels like an agile bulldozer in softer snow. " Best at busting through your first powder and crud," said Delliquadri. "Burly". Heavier skiers looking for technical support will love them. "The wider shovel makes it easy to start turns," said Morgan. "And it has more float than others in the category." Our biggest tester, Cutts, called it, "Best in Show".
+ Big skiers will have instant success in powder and crud
- Too much ski for lightest skiers.

5) From the Winter 2000 Ski magazine Buyer's guide (p.123):

"Mod" isn't just a lifestyle, it's a glass-smoothh ski technology that will make you feel like the world just lost its mean streak. Life can still be tough, of course. But with an innovative, rubbery core-like "module" that sits atop the shovel of the ski, insulating your from vibrations in the main fir/spruce core of the ski itself, the 7/8 may be your ticket to quick, gentle improvement. "It made me feel great immediately," said Palmer. "Performs slowly as well as it did at higher speeds. Very versatile." One of the most forgiving skis in the test, the Mod 7/8 felt "both reactive and solid," Nicole Pelletier said. "even felt great in crud. Perfect for the skier who is ready to break out of the slow-paced groomer prison." Roth agreed the 7/8 is "for when you want to loosen the tie and have fun - just ride it right over the middle of the ski and let it do the work." Just right for a non-aggressive skier who craves smooth, easy performance. "Precise but not uptight," Cutts said, "even in deeper snow"

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Bump & adding in comments from skiershop.com:

K2 Axis -

"The easiest and most forgiving of the series, the Axis features an easy turning 18mm sidecut combined with a comfortable and smooth flex for effortless skiing. The 70mm waist guarantees confidence and stability in softer snow conditions and crud for the advanced skier whose looking for maximum performance with the least amount of effort.

Advanced, 50% groomed / 50% ungroomed

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They are still available.
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