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Brighton Opening Day

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Brighton was the first of the ski areas near SLC to open. Two lifts (Majestic and Snake Creek Express) and a handful of runs. Much better coverage than I expected and even a little bit of powder (6-8") when they first opened the runs off Snake Creek Express. Even better, they offered free lift tickets to all military and veterans, which I thought was a pretty nice touch on Veterans Day and one I haven't seen any of the other areas do in earlier years.


Here are some pictures:


Snakecreek Express.JPG

Snake Creek Express



Majestic Lift.JPG

Majestic Lift



Brighton Base.JPG

Brighton Base




Moonbeam Express at Solitude

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I got a call last night from a vet to join them today.  It was pretty nice mid winter snow.  Solitude to open Friday & Snowbird Saturday.

Brighton 004.JPG


Brighton 005.JPG


Brighton 006.JPG


Brighton 009.JPG



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