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Scott USA Skis

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Just wanted to let everyone know of the GREAT service I just received from Scott USA.  Two years ago I purchased a pair of Scott Missions 178 cm on SteepandCheap.com for only $215.  At the end of this past season I noticed that the top clear sheet in the shovel of one of the skis was coming off.  I emailed Scott a few weeks ago and asked what kind of glue they would recommend I use to fix it.  They let me know that there is a two year warranty on the skis and if I provide them with a pic, serial number and original purchase receipt they would replace them.  I gave them the info and asked it they wouldn't mind replacing them with the 183cm instead.  They did.  I drove up to Ogden today and exchanged my pair ( the 2008 "Jesus" ski) for a new pair of 183cm still in the plastic wrap!  Can't ask for better service than that.  Now I just need to decide if I mount them with my railflex bindings or go with an AT binding. 

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I smell a lawsuit. Or at least a Cease and Desist order.

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GREAT Scott 

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I had Christopher Lloyd on my flight from Santa Barbara to LAX about a month ago.  /true story

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