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First of all, I'm sorry if this is on the wrong section. There's actually no question here. But anyways:


I am a casual skier with a taste for speed. After years of skiing in ill-fitting rental boots I decided to get me a pair of my own. I started studying the net for boots that would fit me the best, for general info on ski boots and for ways to reduce pain and ease blood flow. I knew I have wide feet which narrowed my options down.


A week ago I didn't even know that professional boot fitters existed. Or had the faintest idea about all the things that can be done to fix the problems I have. Now I know that I've been using far too big boots, too thick socks and that I apparently need custom footbeds to compensate for my difficult foot shape and alignment, especially for my right foot. And propably some shell work done as well.


The main reason for not knowing about professional boot fitters might be the fact that they are not that common around here. But I managed to find 2 of them reasonably close. Of which one has a good selection of boots for sale and sounded quite skilled and honest on the phone. I'm paying him a visit as soon as I can.


Now as far as costs go, I believe I'll end up spending about 30-40% more compared to campaign prices on larger stores. Which I believe to be a real bargain if I get boots that really fit, give better control and last me a few years. Oh, and warm feet and no pain are of course quite high on my list as well.


So thanks a lot guys. I believe you've helped me a lot. I'll try and return here after I have those boots and actually skied in them. That is if this thread hasn't been moderated into oblivion.