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Icelantic Shaman Sizing

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  I am 5'10" 240 lbs.  I have been skiing 30+ days a year for 20 years now.  I ski fast and hard pretty much all the time.  I skied race skis for years but I am trying to find a soft snow/powder ski that really floats without giving up on groomed runs going back to the condo or the base at the end of the day.  I picked up some 189 Hellbents last year and they are great in powder especially when its wide open but they are huge and don't feel like they would very good in tighter spots.  On top of that they really don't perform on groomed runs, not that a 122mm rockered power ski is meant for that.  After some research the Icelantic Shamans sounds like they would really fit my needs, wants, and even the way I ski.  I am a little lost on the sizing though.  I was instantly drawn to the 184s but I wonder if I should be looking at the 173's instead.

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I know of no reason why you shouldn't go for the 184s, given your description.  I have a buddy a bit lighter than you and he loves his Shamans mounted tele, fixed heel should be cake for someone with your background.

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I have skied at 240 lbs.  Although I usually try to shed some flubber and get to ~  225 by ski season.  There is no way I'd be skiing a 175 for powder unless I was strictly skiing slow in tight trees all season at a place like the lower back side of Red Mountain.


I skied a 175 Volant Machete Chubb for a while and it was ok at times.  Not bad in real light snow and good on groomers, but when the snow got a little heavy I often had trouble getting the shovels to plane and they submarined alot.  Now, I would not go less than a 185, except for my frontside skis. 


I have some Blizzard Answers in a 185 and they rip pretty hard front and backside.  Powerful ski with pretty good float for a big guy.  I've skied tight glades in the east with them on good snow days and they turn pretty well.  I'd certainly go for the 184 Shaman if I were you, especially with your hard charging background.

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184 it is.  If these turn out to be the cat's meow like I think they will I might look for a pair of Nomads in the the smaller size.

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