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Scott Mega Dozer or Liberty Double Helix?

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I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one of the ski deals on Promotive.com.  I have access to Liberty and Scott skis (Bluehouse too, but ruled them out due to suspicious pricing,etc.).   I'm looking for a fattie, probably with a little bit of rocker to round out the quiver.  I didn't know Scott even made skis, but have discovered that they're pretty big in Europe and apparently made in Austria in the Fischer factory.  That would seem to lend it some cred, AFAIK.  


Never even heard of Liberty skis at all, but at least I can find a little more on them in searching around.  They look to be a pretty nice ski, but some have rapped against it as being made in China and of lesser quality.  Still, they look decent to me, but I'm leaning toward the lesser known Scott.


So, anybody have any Scott or Liberty ski experience?  Demos?  Impressions?  I've got some 105mm and some 87mm width skis, but want something a little more oriented toward the occasional day of cat skiing or freakish deep days.  Maybe if I possess the ski, I will get blessed with the goods for a change. 


BTW - The 185cm Mega Dozer is 119mm wide, and the 190cm Double Helix is 121mm.  

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I loved the MegaDozer when I skied it, very fun easy-going ski that could perform. A playful powder ski not a 'charger' ski. The extremities (tip and tail) are pretty soft, but the middle of the ski has some beef, pretty much from contact point to contact point so it can perform out of it's element, the tip and tail have a lot of taper. It's similar to the Atomic Bentchetler in shape (or Armada JJ) just softer.

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That sounds pretty good.  Peter Keelty gave the Mega Dozer a very good review at his site.  I'm a tad concerned that the longest length, 185, could be a little short for my 230 lbs, but I'll probably be ok.


I don't need a real hard charging Valdez ski.  Something to noodle around in the trees at a place like Red Mtn. or Whitewater.  I have some 185 Blizzard Answers that are pretty burly if I want to ski real hard.


I've tried a few rockered skis before.  Notably the Pontoons when cat skiing last year.  Not a huge fan of the feel of those in open bowls, but I was blown away when I got into some tight trees with how much fun the rocker was in there.  Much less efffort to turn than the Blizzards.  So I wanted something similar without the huge size or funky sidecut/impossible on piste Pontoons.  I was considering the Double Helix mainly because I can get a 190cm, but I think the Dozers could probably give me what I'm looking for even if they sound a bit short/light.

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