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For Europe, I'd imagine Zurich is unbeatable for a combination of city life and ski access.

My vote's for Geneva.  I lived there for a year, and was within 2.5 hours of 6 resorts in France, 4 resorts in Switzerland and 1 resort in Italy.


Zurich's a close second though, just 100-150 miles from several great resorts in Austria ...

Agreed. Or Lausanne. You can't beat Lake Geneva in the summer, or the cheap flights anywhere from GVA as an EasyJet hub. And in any Swiss city, the seamless public transit from city to ski just rocks. My vote's still for Denver overall, but I'm biased as an American,  

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"If he's going to get a Monday through Friday accounting job, doesn't that mean he's going to have to deal with terrible traffic getting to and from Denver and the ski areas?"  



Nah, we save the traffic for the tourists.

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I also can not understand why ,at least in Colorado Springs, random traffic jams form. I have hit bumper to bumper traffic for like 10 miles at 11 on a Saturday. No accidents nothing and then as quickly as they appear they are gone 

That is so true. There used to be lots of construction going on downtown on I-25, but that seems to have cleared up. The only times we really go to the Springs are for soccer games (ie, Sat and Sun mornings), and it is really weird to expect clear sailing on a weekend morning ... and not get it. We've adjusted, but I don't know why it's like that, either....


I guess I'll add my vote for Denver, although I don't know any other "ski" city. Zurich and Vancouver seem pretty awesome, I've been there. There is a lot of suburban sprawl in Denver, but it's also avoidable. Of course, like many things, the more money you have to spend, the easier it is to avoid.


SLC has great access, to be sure, but every time I've been there, the inversion/pollution has been horrid. Denver is not exactly the greenest place on earth, but it beats SLC by a mile.


Hey, the other cool thing about Denver is how easy and cheap it is to fly to SLC. ;-)  We went door-to-door to Alta last season in the same time it would have taken us to drive to Steamboat (well, if you stop in Kremmling for a burger ... I think it was 4 hr). Flights to Jackson are quick, too. And Taos (haven't been there yet) is an easily doable drive.

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