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Steamboat December 15-25

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I'll be at the boat arriving the 15th departing Christmas. Anyone want to hook up, shoot me a PM. Greg Merz will be there 15-20. hopefully will buying TAM a beverage of choice at the Truffle Pig.... 

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Hopefully the snow they are getting now will set up a nice base for you.  With the crappy weather we are having here in the PNW (at lower elevations) right now there should be more snow for Utah and Colorado soon.

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I'll most definitely be around Finn.  And the base is already deeper than it was by mid-December last year (shoot, maybe even deeper than it was in early Jan up top).  Everything above 8500' was really in great condition.  I'll post a photo later once I find my flash drive.

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Thanks TAM, looking forward to finally meeting you. I get in on the 15th. if you are around to meetup with Greg and me for a beverage of choice, please let me know.

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Kicking this up, headed out there next week.
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Supposedly going to snow tonight, possibly powder day tomorrow if we don't get skunked again... better hurry up and get here!

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