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I'm in the process of buying new boots and have I've spent the better part of 3 days trying on different brands.  Due to my high instep, I think I've narrowed things down to either the Technica Dragon 120s or the Solomon Impact 10s.  Of those I am leaning towards the Technicas, but will likely try them both on again before I ultimately decide.  I recently read about the reincarnation of Dynafit and their AT-only boots and saw that the Titan was getting good reviews for its downhill performance.  In the late1980s, I skied on a pair of Dynafits and they were the most comfortable/best performing boots I have ever owned (36 years and counting on snow).  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and I had to move on.  While I am doing no skinning at the moment, I have identified another ski shop in the DC area that currently carries Dynafits and I am considering trying them on.  Perhaps nostalgia is getting the better of me at the moment.  Anyway, I was curious whether anyone had any experience with them?  Even second-hand intelligence is welcome.  Many thanks!