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Line Chronic for Agressive Skier?

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Hey, I am an ex racer trying to find a good ski for transitioning to more all mountain skiing.  I can get a pair of last years Line Chronic in a 176 for 288 bucks.  I know its not gonna carve high speed like my race stock GS ski, but what I'm wondering is am I gonna just over ski the hell out of this ski and not even enjoy it, or is this ski enough to still ski pretty hard.  I know ill probably love it in the bumps and trees compared to when i had to make due with race skiis, but if theyre totally gonna wash out on hardpack I dont know if I want to even waste my time.


Im 5-10 and in the 150s 20 years old.  Ive been skiing most of my life.


Also for now I'd be skiing in a 150 flex lang race boot, is that is with a ski like this just gonna mess everything up or no?  I really haven't been on anything but a race ski in years, except for a pair of '04 I think stockli storm rider DP which are pretty stiff and kind of behave like a race ski, except for being a bit fatter.  I borrowed a couple pairs for some back country trips a couple times but dont remember what they were.


Thanks in advance for any input.

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The Chronic's tend to be a stiffer ski and hold an edge fairly well in hardpack as far as all mountain skis go. Sure it's not gonna carve as well as your racing skis but it's one of your best bets for an all mountain twin. Its narrower sidecut will help cut through the ice and as long as you tune your edges you should have no real problem. I, myself enjoy the Chronic Cryptonites at 92mm as opposed to the chronics 85 because it gives me a little more base in backcountry and softer snow. It's also a little bit smoother in the park. But if you're looking for a little more carving power I'd stick to the Chronics

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Thanks for the input I think Im gonna say fuck it and buy them.  Ill be able to make most of my money back if I hate them and sell them.


Im also gonna buy new bindings so I can keep my race skis intact, but they have almost no edge left to tune so they probably wont be around for long.  Theyre pretty ski'ed out too.


I guess I dont need lifters on this ski anyway.

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Im sure you will enjoy them, for bindings i recomend either the Marker Griffon 12's   or perhaps the Marker Jester 16's for a little more aggression

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