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You usually see complaints for poor service by a store around here, but I thought I should balance it out with some props for good service.


I recently made an order for some assorted layers from It came on Friday, but was missing one item (I had ordered 2x of a top, only got 1). After double-checking my order, I gave them a call and immediately got a person on the line, no menus, no "Please hold". A couple rings and an actual voice 


He immediately offered to send the missing item out, and also credited my card for the extra duty/taxes I would pay since it was shipping from the US to Canada. He did this without quibbling or having to talk to a supervisor. I got an email that afternoon with a FedEx tracking number, and it arrived this morning (would have been yesterday, but I missed the truck).


Obviously it would have been better to get the shipment intact the first time through, but as soon as I let them know, they did everything they could to fix it as quickly and professionally as possible. Not many companies that I can think of who still do that, I figured it was worth a little bit of promo here.