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My first full season!!

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OK, well I have lurked in these forums for quite a while now, just interested in the sport I love i guess... and I have never really had the need to create a thread... until now.


I will be shipping off for my first full season on the 25th of November in the Fench resort of Les Deux Alpes, working as a waiter in a bar/restaurant! I am starting to get extremely excited, but also very nervous. This is my first time spending any period of time away from home (I am 19 and just finished school - decided skiing was worth more for me then any university) A choice I'm sure many of you will back up!


I count myself as an intermediate skier, with too much energy, who will throw myself down any slope without thinking! Hoping to come out the other side of this season being able to say "I am an expert skier".


Anyway, I was wondering if there is any seasoned seasonaires on this forum that could offer me any invaluable advice for my first season! Those things that you just WISH you had brought with you on your first season, or those little things you WISH you had known before you went.


Thanks for reading! Any suggestions or advice, small or large are welcome!




P.S: sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i had no idea where to put it!?


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Most people can go from intermediate to advanced by skiing  50-100 days in a season.  You'll likely need lessons and some coaching to cross the threshold beyond advanced within a year or two.


Have a great season.   Regardless of how good (or bad) we are at it it is usually always fun as long as nobody gets hurt

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Just keep calm and take your time to learn and became an expert. One step at time.


Good luck!!

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Nice one, sure you'll have a great time. Though anyone can say 'I'm an expert skier', so just start saying it now, sounds much better than 'I'm an intermediate', whether you actually are or not is a different matter entirely. I'm not so sure I am, and I am about to start season number 8!


For good euro season stuff www.natives.co.uk has lots of info for you.

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Originally Posted by Jim. View Post


For good euro season stuff www.natives.co.uk has lots of info for you.

thanks for that, I found a nice thread there with everything I needed.


The three items that came out on top where:

1. Condoms

2. Socks

3. Condoms


As for the expert skiing stuff i posted, i guess its a pretty opinionated subject... i would say I'm an expert skier when i can confidently ski the whole mountain, on-psite and off-piste. I'm everyone will have different opinions about what makes an 'Expert Skier'

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