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High Altitude Helmet Cam for Skiing

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Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a helmet cam that can withstand high altitudes and low temperatures. I have heard that many begin to have battery and operating issues in these conditions. Something between $150-$350 would be ideal. Thx. 


By high altitudes I mean 8,000-13,000 ft and by low temps I mean cold, as in top of the mountain on a cold day cold. 

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HD Hero. The elevation range you list is fairly typical of Colorado resorts. Again any battery will have diminish capacity in the cold. 

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contour just cam out with an amazing product, the contour GPS, check it out

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The GoPro is what you are looking for.  Have fun.    Here they are:

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I have to concur with the Contour. I have the VHOLDR HD 1080p that I love. I used it at Breck and skied off the Imperial Chair with it. Highest lift in North America and the temps were cold that week too. I can send you a video if you want. PM me.

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i perfer the gopro for its flat shape. can be strapped anywhere. tube cams cant be positioned comforatably on the chest. the gopro also has a nicer mount system i think.

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This is ahhhmazing!  I like the idea of a helmet cam!  You should totally tell Greg at Mountain Yahoos to include helmet cam footage on his site---He has some great still though a helmet video would be great! Check out these for a little ski inspiration--- Whistler, Copper, Squaw and Steamboat. 

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