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Is there any way to prevent one post wonders from including links in their one post wonder?  Just a thought that might prevent spammer's spam

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I could see having a 5-day, 5-Post requirement before new participants can post any link, image or exceed a limited word-count per post (to prevent long lists of 'deals' being posted).


Maybe even implement a Moderator Review message sent after 5 posts being put up.  The 5th post could trigger a message to the Mod group asking them to 'press the button' that releases the participant to expand their use of the forums. 


Easy enough for a Mod to glance at 5 posts and unleash them.  If all they see is spammish content they can flag the account for further monitoring, send a PM or disable it all together.


Also pretty easy to implement a text parser that only runs against the first 5 posts looking for "spam patterns" (lists, prices, keywords, etc).  If found, mark the post invisible, disable the account and message the Mods.




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Yes, there seem to have been quite a lot lately. 

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We're always getting spammed. We have various defenses, but number one is the moderators. They do a tremendous job behind the scenes keeping this place clean. However, we also get complaints from the legitimate users who get caught in our spam traps and protocols, as this thread bears witness: How many posts till not moderated?

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SPAM traps are a necessity these days so I'm all for them.

Still - perhaps we could avoid new-user confusion by popping up a message to that user whenever a SPAM-Trap is activated.

For instance when a user's text is scanned and found to contain a list of nouns and prices along with an external link (a suspicious post) a message could pop up citing the SPAM detection and mentioning that "new user IDs" are watched closely and require a Mod to approve any posts tripping any Anti-SPAM Rules.

Not hard to implement: When processing the submit (server side)
- check 'new-user' flag,
- If new-user is true
-- run Post Acceptance Rules (SPAM Logic),
-- proceed based on Rules outcome
- if new-user is false, process as usual

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