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New (cheap) boots

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Im looking for some new boots any good ideas??? Cant cost to much either though??

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There's a great ad on the radio where a lady tells her hair stylist she wants to save money and the snooty owner calls in the maintenance guy to cut her hair. You can choose cheap or good but not both.


That said, there are the traditional means of saving money on new gear: hitting the fall sales and swaps. Then there's the modern means of finding great prices: eBay and Craig's list.  Of course there are more creative means for getting good deals, but if you were willing to do the hustle work to get these kinds of deals you wouldn't be asking here.

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Boots are the one thing I wouldn't go with the "best" price on.  If your boots don't fit you right, you'll have a miserable time on the snow.  You need to try them on and find the pair that fits you best.  Your local shop is best for this.

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Nike Zoom Force 1's are fairly cheap, have moldable liners, and are pretty warm to boot—no pun intended.  If you can get last season's they're around 80 to 125.

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