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Unmarked Trails at vail.

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I go to vail every year and I've noticed several trails which are not on the map. Some of these are chair four cliffs, been there done that, old nine line and spruce glade. I was wondering if anyone knows the rest? ( There are more, i saw a double black in the back bowls which isn't on the map, but i don't know the name of it)

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I haven't been to Vail to much but every mountain has runs like that and unfortunately you might not get a lot of responses as a lot of these runs are sorta local secrets. At least at Breck there are several "named" runs, some even with signs that aren't on the map and in several instances locals are the ones who placed the signs. Although last year breck added a lot of these runs to the map frown.gif. Best way I know to find these runs is to simply ski the mountain.


You might get lucky though as Bears are pretty friendly and a sometimes willing to share their secrets    

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If there's no rope , you can go.

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ya, I ski a lot off trail, but there were certain named trails that just aren't on the map that I thought some people would know about.

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Proper etiquette if you meet a bear is to go give him a really big hug.   Ever seen Gentle Ben?

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