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The Opener, or WROD, Italian Style

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So, it's winter, right?




Or not, perhaps



Time to make some turns


Eh, or maybe just catch a few rays...



Or grab a free ride on the gondola (that's Prickly Jr.)


'Cause down here, at about 1800 meters, things are looking pretty bare


Wondering whether it's worth it to hike up and try the Canalone


Or maybe just chill at home (*not my actual house)



Ultimately, worth breaking out the hard-snow boards


Ride up to about 2200 meters for a couple runs...


And then maybe a nice walk in the woods to finish the day


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Nice post...I love  that early season anticpation

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I was wondering whether you had gone up. I've heard that the lift passes were free for the day...

Had I not booked elsewhere for the week end (by the seaside)...

I was tempted but it looked the Andossi was closed, their site logs the hotel as closed in November till beginning of the season...and that was one of the choices available for the week end...



BTW...Did you ever retrieve that piece of equipment or left it as a sacrifice to the snow gods?

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Ha! I actually took a run to the end of the open pistes, left my skis there, put on a pair of sneakers, and trekked off to the woods to look for my pole from last year. But there's more snow in the woods than it appears from below. I didn't think it was worth slipping and cracking my head in the search; think I missed my opportunity by not going up in the summer.


Skiing was not bad, all man-made, but some of the blown snow had drifted offpiste and, where sunny, was nice and soft. They had 1,200 people come up to take advantage of the free passes Saturday (Sunday it rained/snowed). Given that the lift company controls the only refuge that was open on the day, and the average food spend must've been at least 10 euros a head, I think they made the right choice.

It's snowed another 25 cm or so since Sunday, at least it's white again. Will be back up again this weekend assuming Prickly Jr. Jr. is feeling better.

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I'll prolly be able to come up on the 20th...

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And so, my season has begun as well, at last!


After having to agonize over this TR and the snow reports around the country, finally couldn't take no more and

took the plunge.

Friday evening, car's loaded with boots and skis, backpack as well, snow tyres are mounted (since beg of november, risking

to make them become slick racing tyres, thanks to the mild weather)...

Sat morning the alarm rings at 06.00...jump out of da bed, you old sleeper!

And don't forget the camera

Quick wash, dress and off I go...

And don't forget the camera

Offsprings and Nickelback in the car's cd keep me company during the trip, not much people around, given the bad weather reports 

And don't forget the camera

Mentally doing a small re-read of the "stuff-to-have-when-going-to-ski" :

Jacket? Check

Spare jacket? Check

Spare spare vest? Check

Trousers? Check (they're in the back of the car, not on me, I usually drive in my long johns or with gym trousers on..ehehehe)

Boots? Check

Helmet? Check

Goggles? Check

Sun glasses? check

Gloves? Check

Spare gloves? Check

Spare-spare gloves?

Camera? Oh ! Forgot! Arrrgh

Poles? Aaaaargh, I've forgotten the poles, in my haste to leave!

Eheheehe fortunately I have a spare pair in the car's boot, been sitting there since last season, used for the occasional trek in the woods this summer (I also have scuba weights in the boot, what they're for in winter? Don't know, I don't have a rear wheel traction car anyway...)

Water? Check

Chocolate? Yes

C-lenses? where are my c-lenses? Ho no, not the c-lenses! (after a brief search found my last pair, forgotten in the spare-spare-vest since last season)  

Well, I've got more than enough to go for the first day...

Weather becomes increasingly bad as I travel an uneventful travel, save for the too many speed traps on the road...

Well, reach Madesimo's church car park with plenty of time before the lifts open, and proceed to dress as few snow flakes

begin to fall, oh joy!

Brief chat wit ha local policeman to be sure I've put the car in the right corner of the park (the unlimited time part, since last winter I hastly put it in the one hour slot, to find, at the end of the day, a nice fine...)


And at last, off we go!

Breakfasting at Larici, I text message Prickly and Canalone, another of Madesimo acquaintances, informing them that I was there...

Well, there werre not so many runs opened and even fewer lifts (three lifts and 8 runs, plus all the off-piste in between, for those who were daring enough to risk the skis' bases so early in the season) but it's more than plenty for the first day.


After a couple of runs alone, Canalone shows up and immediately tempts me to some off piste, I can't resist, so off we go, in the trees, while entering the area I hear my name being called from the chairlift...

Turning my head I see two orange jackets on the chair, Mr. Prickly and Prickly J.

Ok, I tell myself, we'll catch them at the base in a moment, then...

Here's Canalone waiting for me in knee deep snow (yesss, I forgot the camera, but I still have my cell phone with me...

not the same quality of course but...)



At the base Canalone gets to go and take his son to ski, so heads down to the village center and we agree to meet later on

Well I continue to ski on, looking for Mr. Prickly, and after some text message we finally get to meet...he commented immediately on my appearance "Hey you look like...guess who?" (no prizes fro whomever will...)



Well,soon they too have to leave for lunch and rest, so I head for the Larici midmountain restaurant for a chew, a coffee and some rest as well...

Well rested and fed, out again, the snow flakes have been increasing in their fall, and even more now, but let's ski on, I've come here to ski, not to stay under cover and warmth...So to spend some time I leave one ski and walk up about a hundred meter (this on a flattish slope) flanked by a guy who is skinning up, headed toward the Canalone (the run, not the guy) who is not yet open to skiers...oh, well, it turns out that this guy and his friends are members of an italian ski forum...how small the world..

Anyway, one legged turns, well it look like I can still do those, but to have to walk up more than once? No thanks...put on the second ski and..ski on...backward, clumsily but I can still do it...well, now, let's ski 

Canalone (the guy this time) and his son come, so I ski with them till Canalone J is tired and leave...

But it's almost the end of the day, a few more turns off piste and it's tiem to go for me as well...

I reach my car..and it's covered in snow...the snowfall is getting heavier...so I haste to start the car, least I get blocked there (oh what a pity that would be!) for the night...

Had I been blocked, I wouldn't be, this morning, on the receiving message end from Mr. Canalone, letting me know that during the night about 30 cm of fresh snow had been laid down and he was literally swimming in it..oh joy!





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Today wasn't bad at all. It put down about 50cm overnight, good in the trees. Took me a while to rediscover my favorite lines, and I got caught up in some branches a couple times, but not bad for November.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

AToday wasn't bad at all. It put down about 50cm overnight, good in the trees. Took me a while to rediscover my favorite lines, and I got caught up in some branches a couple times, but not bad for November.


And there I was, thinking of you, sitting at home in pain (neck decided to give me hell during the night)...

Was musing with a "what if..."  , had I taken half an hour more to descend, sat afternoon, I would have deemed too risky and probably would have ended to

seek a bed for the night...And so I would have skied Sunday with you as well. when Pixie (Mr. Nobody) commented "you should have done that" Aaaaarrrrgh!









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