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Originally posted by dougw:
This is really funny in that gonzo tried to sell so really old stuff at high prices. A couple people posted commenting on, in the nicest way , how the prices were a rip off. And gonzo got the posts removed. I guess he didn't like the bad press when he was trying to flog his old junk.
WTF, doug?

I did NOT get any posts removed. I have no idea how they got removed.

What are you talking about?

It must be really nice to live in a world where you can just make something up, and then declare it to be a fact.

I still think that Robbie's price for LAST YEAR's ski is too high.

As to my price asked for my Axis X skis, it's lower than Robbie's, and it includes $250 value bindings (Sal 912 Ti Pe). If you think that comparatively my price is ripoff, then so be it. I have my opinion and you have yours.

I suggest you keep silent on your attempts at forecasting and recollection. You've just shown how wrong you are. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Here's a simple scenario: Someone offers a ski for sale and describes it accurately. Sets a price he wants or needs to get to make it worth selling. Potential buyer makes lower offer. Seller turns down lower offer with reasons. Potential buyer gets angry?

You mistakenly assume I was a potential buyer. Have another bite of that humble pie, please.
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Originally posted by Robbie:
Skis are sold.
What do you mean the skis are sold? I suggest you go get them back right NOW!!!!!!
This is a free world, and the people here have the right to argue about something they had no intention of buying.
If you knew anything about skis you would know Gonz always skis the best ski. The ski does not become the best until 'THE GONZ' has skied it. You could of been the one time owner of this years best ski but you just blew it pal.

If you can't get those particular skis back perhaps you have something else to offer thats lying around the garage so that we can keep this important argument going. Something like an old vacuum cleaner for say $799 excluding attachments and electric plug.


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It has been fun with this whole thing hasn't it boys? We will miss the banter, especially gonzos always good advice. Have a great winter. Safe skiing to everyone. Keep it fun.
I do have a cherry pair of K2 Fours 198's with only three different sets of binding holes in them. These are real mens skis that still have loads of life. Probably be able to use some of the holes for whatever binding you want. Save the drilling. $499 or best offer. Cheers.
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