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Im a 17 year old (6'' 1', 175 lbs) who recenly snapped the edge on my old Rossignal racing RPM 17's at 70 mm at waist. Unitl now I was using these skis for all mountain shredding seeing as it was my only ski. This includes park (aren't twin tipped), groomers, all trees, and even powder on those magic powder days. But seeing as I totaled them, I might as well get a trueall mountain twin tip. I have been looking at the 2010 Line Chronic Cryptonite's. Everyone who has skiied them seems to say they are an awesome all mountain twin but that they wouldnt use them as their main powder ski. Im thinking that it has to float better at 92mm than my old 70mm. Any opinions? and any binding recomendations? please help.