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Happy Birthday, Skier_j!

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Happy Birthday, Skier_j!   May you have all your wishes come true........AND.......Your secrets are safe with me.  








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Happy Birthday Jeff, I still want to see that photo of you and I in the lodge at the Beast!

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I've been accused of that.  Great picture.  Happy Birthday.

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Birthday greetings old buddy and I do mean old.

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thanks folks,  I had a ski patrol refresher Sat and then another all day event over the weekend, so I just now saw this.


SMJ, I will have to look , we did have a minor snafu with pictures, I backed them all up to a portable drive and Bonni inadvertatly overwrote the drive with all her music!  I have all the old stuff, but some of the more recent pictures I'm afraid are lost.

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Sorry I missed the party! Happy birthday, Jeff! (Funny, funny photo, QueenB)

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