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Over the coming season I'll be posting a number of articles I've written, in hopes you'll find them interesting and helpful.  This one represents the second installment.  


In some parts of the ski world the snow has already begun to fall, and in a couple lucky places the lifts have already opened.  The new ski season is knocking at our doors.  With it, comes the familiar butterflies which attack our stomachs as we ride the lift, contemplating our first turns of the season, and whether we'll still be able to perform as well as we were the season before.  


I wrote this article to help you quickly remove the summer rust from your skiing skills during your first day on the slopes, and cast those annoying doubts to the wind.  It consists of a series of skill refreshing drills that will help you get back to the top of your game in no time.  


Click on the link below to see the article.  When you connect to the link, clicking on the small article window will take you to a full page, easy to read version.  Feel free to copy this article and take it to the mountain with you, to use on your first day back on the snow. Enjoy!