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Need help on which skis to get?

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Hey folks, I've been looking around for some new skis, and im pretty lost on what to get. I ski mostly piste when i ski with my family but considering i'll have these skis for a good few years i'd like the option to be able to go off piste with the same ski as i do like to venture off every now and again. I'd probably say im about a 7-8ish level skier, i like a fast ski, with a nice edge grip, i tend to change turn style from long stretched out carves to short fast edge changes so im hoping to find a ski thats quite versitile as well. The problem is i cant demo any, so any advice and knowledge on which skis to get would be brilliant.

Thanks Dave.

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DS44, there are hundreds of skis made that wound satisfy your needs. It just depends on personal tastes and your budget. This isn't a good time of year to buy new skis, rather the 2010/2011 equipment will go on sale in Feb 2011 and preseason sales will be around July 2011. You may score a nice used deal on ebay/CL in the next month or so, but from looking at new equipment on ebay, the sellers for new skis want to high a price, that is why they didn't sell them last season between Feb-May. Check with Sierra Jim to see if they have any of the Nordica Jet Fuels, Hellcats, etc left as he had some nice new equipment for a really good price a month or two ago.

In general, for mixed use I like a ski with a 88-99 waist and a turn radius of 22m-26m in a 178-184 ski. Skis with no metal often feel more alive and snappy for the edge quickness you mentioned, however, I find I like the dampness and power of a metal ski (Dynastar Mythic Rider/Legend Pro) for an everyday ski that will be used for high speed turns and blasting through off piste crud.

Edit: Most important. Do your research on the skis your looking for, decide, buy and then make them your b!tch. That works well for me

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You don't give enough information to make a recommendation for you. Your height and weight, where you ski, and how you prioritize groomers vs. ungroomed snow is good info. Also, based on your recent experience, roughly how often do you see snow deeper than your boot tops, and is deep snow important to you as a criteria for a ski choice? Meanwhile, here is a link to some mini reviews of some very good skis for you to consider.





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I'm going away to switzerland over christmas,  so im gunna try and get some skis for before then cause theres no point hiring. I've hired the previous few years but thats just cause i been growing alot and didn't want to buy some only to have to replace them the next year. I don't want to pay too much as i got to get boots as well, which will set me back abit too. I'm 5ft9 and about 135 pounds. I ski pretty much all groomed, but tend to venture on ungroomed between runs. But i plan to do a little more ungroomed, so i just want a ski that can handle, if you know what i mean. So deep snow isn't really too much a part of my criteria. Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it.

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