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Clip Skins, New Glueless Skin Design, Check it out!!!

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Hey Guys, just wanted to post this, not sure if Kaj will get around to letting the Epic Ski community know about these. They look super sweet. "Clipskins snap onto the edges of your skis in a fraction of the time it takes to unravel glued skins, while providing unparalleled reliability…instead of messing with your skins go poach the fresh powder, delete some skin-specific expletives from your vocabulary, and bid farewell to the hassles we’ve all gotten used to with glued skins. " Designed and built in Nelson, BC. Check out the link. http://www.clipskins.com/
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Yea I saw these the other day too, they look awesome! Some more info on them here. My buddy said he just ordered a pair and i'm excited to see what he says about them. I need to buy new skins as well so this could be my next purch. Cheers!



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I can't see how those don't get massive amounts of ice/snow build-up between the skin and the ski base. I remember Snake Skins back in the day - horrible grip and instant skin-ski glacier.


If these don't form the skinglacier, I'm all for it. Nothing is less rad than your skins sticking to your jacket/hat/hair on a windy ridgeline. But until I hear lots of people are making the switch or see it for myself, I'm skeptical.

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Yea I hear ya, I'm interested to see what my buddy has to say. If you watch the video of them in action you can see they have a pretty good amount of tenion between the and the base. But like your saying, a few more reviews will make a lot of diff.

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So are either Float or Robin affiliated with this product?

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Nope, no relation what so ever. I haven't used them yet either. But I think they look legit. My buddy ordered them and i'm waiting to see what he says...Independent on my end. My buddy too.

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They look really cool.  I'm wondering how the clips sticking out around your edges will affect side-hilling and edge grip.

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Had a chance to give these a go today. Wore one regular and one clip skin for comparison sakes.


No issues with glacier growing between skin and ski. No issues either with edge hold. Super easy to get on and off too. Toss them in your pack and you don't have to worry about them sticking to your stuff. Nice.


However when they get wet they stretch and the tensioning system is not up to the job of keeping the skin on the ski. Fell off four times over the course of an 800 foot ascent. Definitely needs a better tension system like the Black Diamond STS.


They are in beta form, so hopefully this one issue will be ironed out when they come to market. Talk about a revolution in the small world of skins though! 

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