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Heel Spur - Inflamed Achilles

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I've been putting off writing about this out of denial. Since August, I've been dealing with an inflamed Achilles Tendon insertion point (so the Podiatrist says) that has the potential to get worse. I just got a steroid injection a few weeks ago that helped with the pain, but I'm on serious "do-nothing" rest. I'm allowed to walk for 10 minutes a couple times per week.


It it flares up, I'm looking at surgery.


My ski season may be over before it starts. Sigh.


I just needed to vent.




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First of all ditch the podiatrist and find an orthopedic surgeon who's a foot/ankle specialist.  I ruptured my Achilles tendon in July last year and while I was able to ski last year it was not a very fun season.  Take it from me rupturing your Achilles tendon is something you want to avoid if at all possible.  I'm guessing that you may well have a bone spur in there.  If that's the case removing it may not be a major deal and may not wreck your whole season.  Plus, if it is a bone spur, they do not go away by themselves and from what I understand they can abraid the tendon to the point that it does break.

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Thanks for chiming in mtcyclist. I definitely need some better answers.

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+1 on the go see an ortho.  Also, therapy, stretching to unload the area, transverse friction massage, night splints & having quality boot work done may make your season happen.


Good luck & keep us posted!

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ow ow ow ow

are you allowed to swim?
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Marcus, any progress on either a different diagnosis or a treatment plan?
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I wear a boot at night or when I'm sitting at my desk to keep the tendon from contracting. I do my stretches 2 or 3 times per day. But the big thing that has helped is switching my exercise routine. I'm walking less and using the various cardio machines at the gym more. (Not my first choice, I love being outside . . . one of the reasons I ski.) And that seems to be causing less stress. I hear ya about the ortho. I'm going to start looking for a good one in my area.


At this point, I *feel* like I could probably ski. My boots (Nordica Dobie 130) have an excellent fit. I had them fitted for me by PJ Dewey at Race Stock Sports in Waterbury VT. (Thank you Epic for the recommendation!) And they were tweaked by Bud at an ESA  event (Big Sky '09) shortly after that.


I'm studying up on bone spurs (and yes, that's the cause of the problem, I saw the x-rays) and treatments. There are always options.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts and for keeping me on track while I figure this out!



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Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better and good luck with whatever treatment option you choose.

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If I learned anything to share from all this mess, it's this: There is always an alternative exercise to do. If I can't hike, I bike. If I can't bike, I use the cardio machines at the gym. If I can't even do that, I do low-weight/high-rep weights.


Some things irritate the injury less than others. But we can always do something. And something is ALWAYS better than nothing. As long as you're not aggravating the injury, that is. smile.gif


Thanks again everyone for your encouragement. I'll be back. cool.gif

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