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Help me pick a ski

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Hello all, 1st post here. Been reading awhile now, thanks for all the great reviews. In the market for skis. I am 38 yrs old 6' 1" 170 lbs and ski out west. Mammoth, Tahoe mainly. Probably level 7? I ski the upper part of mammoth pretty well. 70/30 piste/off piste. I like shorter turns and wide open steeps but have trouble in cruddy conditions. I guess I am looking for a 1 ski quiver that can handle some junk but can also make quick turns on groomers and occasional bumps for a lighter weight skier. 78-88mm? Something I can get a lightly used demo for a good price 1-2 yrs old.  Here are my thoughts so far:


1. Fischer Watea 84

2. Rossignol s86

3. Elan Magfire 82

4. Kastle mx 78/88 price?


Any of your thoughts would be most appreciated.



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Welcome to Epic!


I haven't skied them yet, but got my 84s as a 50/50 ski that does well in bumps...if you don't get the responses you are looking for here, try using the search function as there is definitely info on this site about most of the skis you are considering.  Good luck...

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saw a lot of Kaestles on ebay, used demos, w binding around $565. from Powder 7 I think. Volkl is making the Kendo, but it's not going to be discounted as it's brand new. Dyn Mythic Riders could be on your list as well, with good deals on ebay also.

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I could add salomon lord and K2 apache recon to the list as well. Anyone care to rank these along with the others mentioned? thnks.


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