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What's your favorite food / recipe to bring skiing ?

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For the past several years, our on-mountain lunch has been Cup-O-Noodles or hotdogs. Frankly, my 3 boys and I are getting pretty tired of the same old lunch every weekend we're skiing.


The lodge has hot water and a microwave available.  So, what's your favorite food / recipes that are easy to backpack to the mountain, and can be eaten either cold, prewarmed, microwaved or 'hot watered' ?  

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Corn Dogs.

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Thanksgiving Saturday Turkey Sammiches


Chile would be next in line for average, everyday lunch

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Pad thai. It's cheap, and healthy and yummy.


Put sauce and protein and veggies in a Tupperware bowl.

Put cooked (and cooled) rice noodles in a ziplock.

Put all in a small soft-side cooler.

Toss extra chopped peanuts and packets of sriacha sauce in cooler.

Toss cheap plastic bowls in cooler.

Leave cooler in lodge.

Ski. Get hungry. Go to lodge.

Dump noodles in Tupperware, nuke and eat.


Snack: pretzel sticks and roasted almonds.

BabyBel cheeses


My boys LOVE Twinings Chai tea, so always a dozen packets in the Go Bag.


Also, our Go Bag has a big Quest Diagnostics sticker on the side.

Never had a problem with food snitchers.....heh.





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Most areas we ski in SVT do not have nukers & free hot water. My son likes hot food. So we use thermos - narrow mouth for hot chocolate and wide mouth for soup & other hot food. Pot roast & braised short ribs are his favorite. Almost any kind of stew & braises with liquid will be acceptable. Do the pot roast, stew, etc for dinner during the week and reheat in the weekend morning. Quick & clean.


We also do roast beef (cheap $2/pound eye round - do not overcook). American Test Kitchen has a great recipe. Cook the roast the nite or 2 before ski day. Hold off slicing until @ the lunch table - keeps the roast beef really juicy. Really sharp & colorful sheathed kitchen knives can be found @ TJ Maxx for a song.       

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Our family seems to gravitate toward pancakes and bacon.  To that, I add Clif Bars.  Perhaps we need some new ideas, too.

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Chile, plate of nachos and stout (hot chocolate for the young ones)

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I love this thread! keep the great easy lunch ideas coming.

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Simple "roll up" sandwiches purchased at Costco are easy to take up the mountain.  They are sliced 1" thick, easy to eat on the chair or in a lodge, and the kids and I can eat as many as we want at lunch or as a snack.






Here is a simple after ski recipe:


 Really Easy Lamb Chops


1) Buy lamb chops at Costco.

2) Marinate for a half-hour in some olive oil and lemon juice.

3) Salt, pepper, & sprinkle Herbs de Provence (bring it with you) all over the meat.

4) Grill (if at home) or place in a hot heavy skillet (if on vacation).  The meat needs a few minutes on each side until done.

5) Eat.

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I bring someone who can cook

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Originally Posted by veteran View Post

I bring someone who can cook

I bring a credit card.


Last year I started buying the lodge's chili.  Quite tasty!  Getting a staff discount made it more pallatable


I also bring Cliff Bars and my own water & coffee.

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11 posts and no mention yet of PB &J?

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Breakfast: protein shake with banana, oatmeal lots of coffee - unless you are with Phil, then its always accompanied by bourbon.....


Lunch: PB & honey with banana's for lunch - they taste good even when mashed just tear a corner off the bottomof the plastic bag and "pipe" into your mouth...





Dinner?  we always find a good shop for buffalo or elk. Also, gotta have at least one pasta night.




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WHO SPILLED THAT BEER????????????????????????????????????????

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Peanut butter, Nutella, banana in a pita.  Cheese sticks for snacks.  Thermos full of coffee is great too. 

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Oh yeah.... I forgot to add that I start my morning with:


I told myself that I'd never drink this overpriced, supercaffinated, bull semen juice... than I tried one before skiing one morning and I swear it makes me a better skier ! I haven't skied without one since.



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