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Intiutiv 74 vs. Legend

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Hey all,
I am looking into buying some new boards and was looking to see if some folks can compare/ contrast the Dynastar Intuitiv 74's with the new Legend 8000 or 4800. I can get a good deal on the 74's and wondering if it's worth waiting for the Legends? FWIW I am 6', 170 level 8+ skier.
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I've skied the 8000 and the 74 quite a bit, but have never skied the 4800. I don't think that you could go wrong with any of them. The 8000 is stiffer, particularily in the tail and is a little slower edge to edge due to it's width vs the 74. Other than these factors, I think they're pretty similar.

You didn't indicate where you ski, whether you're looking to add a ski to an existing quiver, or if you're looking for a do it all ski. I think if the latter is true, that the 74 or 4800 is the way to go. It offers the best of both worlds with it's carving ability and reasonable width. If you have another ski for hard snow days, I'd go with the 8000. FWIW, I know many people who ski the 74 as their do it all ski and all are very happy with this ski. And you're right, there are good deals to be had right now on these skis.
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The first day I used my 74's I was ina shop and saw the 8000. I knew right away that it was "next years" ski, and so picked it up and started lookingit over. The sales guy comes over, I mention that I just got the 74's, and he says "That sucks, because this ski blows that one away". I'm pretty sure he was just giving me a hard time.

I do love my 175 cm 74's - I'm the same weight/level as you. I look for bumps/trees and pow here in the east. Good luck with your decision.
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Originally posted by Coach13:
If you have another ski for hard snow days, I'd go with the 8000.
In my 2 ski quiver I am looking at the 8000 as a do-everything resort ski with a fatter ski for the powder days. After demoing things like the XP and 7/24 Pro which have waists of 78 and 77mm I think you can easily go to 80mm waist without sacrificing much hard snow performance. I wouldn't want to ski a slalom course with them, but I prefer speed and long turns through any and all conditions anyway.
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Originally posted by kiwiski:
After demoing things like the XP and 7/24 Pro which have waists of 78 and 77mm I think you can easily go to 80mm waist without sacrificing much hard snow performance.
Don't get me wrong, I love the 8000 and I'll own either the 8000 or the 8800 before next season. Having said that, don't kid yourself, there's a major difference on hard snow, performance wise, between the 8000 and my Fischer RX 8's (66mm) and a little less difference between the 8000 and my Ski Cross 10's (69mm). If I was you and liked the Legend line, I'd grab a 4800 for my everyday ski and a Pro for powder days.
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Yeah, I know you do give up some hard snow perforamance between 66 mm and 79mm but what you lose in performance on ice you more than make up for off piste. I just think too many people are hesitant to go for anything wider than 70mm. My do everything ski will spend about 20-30 percent of the time on fast groomers with 70-80 percent of the time on everything from tracked out powder, crud and sloppy spring slush. Moguls no longer exist in New Zealand.

I don't go looking for ice but I do look for powder, so I am looking for a ski which will excel in the soft stuff, tolerate ice and be comfortable on groomers.

I haven't heard much about the 4800 but all the marketing info seem to indicate it is an intermediate ski. In the ski/binding packages it is paired with is the NX11 binding, which is for intermadiates and not even a pivot design.

My interpretation of Dynastars Legend line is:
Legend 8800 = Intuitiv big
Legend 8000 = new ski
Legend 6200 = Intiutiv 74 (dimensions are identical, has construction changed?)
Legend 4800 = Intuitiv 69C

Just to clarify I mean they are matched up according to their relative positions within the range, not (necessarily) that they are the same ski. Am I way off here?
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I just wanted to thank everyone for their input... I think at this point I am going to go with the 74's. Thanks again.
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Speaking of adding a ski to an existing quiver, I wondered if I could get some thoughts about adding a Legend 8000 to my existing do it all skis - Ski Cross 10 (69mm waist, length 178). Interested in thoughts on length for the 8000 too, I was thinking the 188.

Relevant details as follows:
Ski quite a bit in Australia (I think the Ski Cross 10 is great for here) but want to add a wider ski for skiing in N. America etc (might be able to get to 05 Kicking Horse gathering) and on rare occasion we get some nice snow down here.
Ski ability: don't know in terms of levels but pretty aggressive yet controlled on basically all terrain
Height - 188cm (6 foot 2)
Weight - 82kg (182 lbs)

I'm interested in any input from those at 04 Jackson Hole Gathering (i.e. those that know how I ski).

Edit: I used to be "Skimun" for those from the gathering (not sure why it changed).
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I ski mostly in the US east coast on 68MM waist ski. Last year my 10 days of skiing out west, which included JH, was all done on a 95MM waist ski. The last 2 days at JH were hard pack days due to no snow, which reminded me of north east skiing, except the moguls were not so close together at JH. My 95 MM skis did ok on the hard pack days but I would have had a little more fun if I had brought my east coast 68Mm waist skis the last 2 days.

I demoed the Legend 4800 last year (74MM waist) on the east coast and loved them in the crud on the side of the trail, good in moguls, and they carved short radius turns extremely well on groomers. Do I need a 3rd ski (50/50 ski ) in my quiver maybe the Legend 4800 or 8000? Tempting ! You can never have enough skis. Then again this time of year is like going food shopping when your starving.

The Legend 8000 in a 188cm length would probably work extremely well at JH given your height. Then again if your going OB into Cody Bowl you may want a even wider ski.
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The 178cm would be fine at your weight IMO. If you decide to go longer, 184cm is the longest size the 8000 is available in.
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