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Trying to find an All-Mountain ski - one quiver

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Hey Everyone, I'm new to EpicSki and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on an all mountain ski. I'm 22 yo, 5' 6" and 135 lbs. I used to race but blew out my knee one to many times but still love to rip on groomers and skip school whenever theres pow. I want something I can still rip groomers on but has a little more in the waist (80-85ish) I'm working ski patrol this year and will be skiing pretty much every day of the year. I want something with good groomer and crud performance for later in the day and has the ability to still have a little float in powder. I'm out east so I'm really not expecting much, but when we do get it I want a ski that doesn't just sink right in.


Right now I am skiing


155 Volkl Racetiger SL

165 Nordica Doberman SL R


I retired my 178 GS skis since I deff don't need anything that long anymore.


I got a pair of K2 A.M.P. Chargers from Ski Patrol for this year but I'm not a huge K2 fan and they're a little slim for what I want.


I was looking at:


Rossi Avenger 82 ti

Volkl AC 50s

Salomon Enduros


I've heard good things about Kastles but they're just a little bit out of my price range. If anyone has demoed or tried these skis or has any suggestions please let me know.



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Welcome to Epic. Of the three skis you mention, I'd look hardest at the Avenger. The AC50's are a really beefy ski, according to Sierra Jim the Enduros are very un-Salomon like, eg, also beefy. With a race background you could handle them, obviously, but they aren't exactly aimed at your target, which includes some softer snow. The Avenger has gotten strong reviews, suspect it would work better for your weight, and will be more versatile. The Blizzard 8.1 is another ski that has very high performance potentials, but is light and suitable for some off-piste.


OTOH, if I were you, I'd think about going a bit wider. If you move up just a breath to the middle-high 80's, for instance, you'd still have skis that carve nicely back here, but will have more upside off-piste. IMO these might include the Sultan 85, Blizzard 8.7 (personal fav), Atomic Crimson Ti, and Nordica Pro Burner (another great one for lighter folks who know how to ski). Good reviews of these around here; try a search.

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Thanks for the info beyond, I'll check them out ASAP.


I was doing some research on the Kastle MX78s and FX84s. Do you happen to know anything about those?

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With your racer background I would consider the Blizzard Mag IQ 8.1 or the Rossi Strato 80. Both have a race ski feel to them and LOVE to carve.  The Avenger from Rossi is also a good choice but does not have that race ski feel but is certainly high performance.   At your weight I would suggest the 160-65 size.  The Volkl AC30 in my opinion is a better all around ski than the 50 and would also deserve consideration.  That is my personal all mountain ski and after skiing Volkls for the last 10 years (4 prs), these are my favorite!  They do so many things so well.


Good Luck


Rick G

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Thanks rickg. Yeah I was going to try and stay around 165 as my top length, anything bigger than that is just too much for me these days with my knee and I don't have to conform to FIS regulations anymore, hence the reason I retired the 178 GS ski last year.


I was looking into the Blizzard 8.1 and 8.7 on the advice of beyond. I loved the reviews on both of them. RIght now I'm leaning in that direction along with the Nordica Pro Burner and Kastles (for the right price). They seem to have more of a race type style to them than some of the other all-mountain skis I've researched. Great edge hold, quick turn transition, pop coming out of the turn and still have the crud/powder performance I'm looking for as well.



I really appreciate the help and advice!


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Rossi RC Pro 112 on tramdock, awesome ski

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A little too wide for an eastern ski, at least for me as n everyday ski.

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Just bought a pair of Kastle MX 78s off a friend from last year with Marker Griffon bindings in a 160. He upgraded to the 88's, must be nice to drop 1,200$ on skis every year. From all of the reviews I've read on the site this sounded almost exactly what I was looking for. A little bit slim in the waist, but I guess we can't win them all. Still has to be easier to ski in powder than my 66mm waist slalom skis. I could always use my snowboard for those heavy powder days :).

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Judging from all the raves I hear from a colleague who uses MX78s as his daily drivers out east, you will be extremely pleased with this purchase ... he says they excel in all conditions for him except deep pow, but like you said, they'll be better than your current slalom skis for those days.  Enjoy!

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