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Just got a lead on a job in Geneva!. I assume that if I get it the skiing will be a tad better than around Washington...

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Well, if you go to a page like J2Ski or some other site with a map of resort locations, there will be two words that pop into your head when you see what's located within 2 hrs of the city. They are the word "holy" and the word "crap."


Basically, there's loads of nice places you can get to with a reasonable drive, including Chamonix and Verbier. If you're willing to travel 4 or 5 hours, you can access just about every resort in the French and Swiss part of the Alps, as well as a couple of places in Italy.


You could probably even get to St. Anton within about 4 or 5 hours on the train; I'd have to check the Swiss Rail site to confirm that.


All I can say is, if you do get the job, will you be needing an assistant? If so, I'll send you my resume.

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One of the best ski cities anywhere, along with Salt Lake,  Zurich.

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Good luck in landing the job! You will have quite the choice of ski destinations to choose from each weekend. Do the Valle Blanche at least once, its over 9,000 vert

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if you get the job i'll be happy to advise you on some great places to ski. I live in Leysin, a ski resort about 1.5hrs from geneva. Leysin isn't great skiing itself, but I have so much incredible skiing close by, plus who can complain when you've got a chairlift near your back door.

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Update: I just got scheduled for an interview for the job in Geneva that I applied for in November! (The wheels of international bureaucracy move slowly.) Not sure how many other people are on the short list.

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From Geneva you can take a train to ski Zermatt or Verbier(train to Chable)

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