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On Friday, November 12, the Claremont Colleges and Skeeze will be hosting two showings of Light the Wick. One will start at 6:30pm with the doors opening at 6, and the other at 8:30 and 8, respectively. The movie will be on Pomona College's campus at the Rose Hills Theatre (same place as previous years for those who have come before). 

As far as I can tell, this will be LA's only showing of Light the Wick this year, as the other LA show seems to not be happening this year. We expect the movie to be in 3D Anaglyph, but as others have mentioned for previous TGR tour stops, the 3D doesn't always work so well, so if we determine beforehand that it doesn't look good, we'll just play the standard version.

All attendees will receive the following:
Chipotle burritos and pizza between the two showings
A coupon for a buy one get one free Chipotle burrito
Clif Bar
An issue of Powder Magazine (there should be enough for all who want them)
Jamba Juice
Honest Tea
We expect all attendees to get a free Mt. Baldy lift ticket as in previous years, but they have been painfully slow in confirming this year, so I cannot say for certain what they will provide.

Additionally, there will be a free raffle following each showing. There will be various articles of clothing for both raffle, while the 8:30pm showing will have some prizes that are only good for Claremont Colleges students.

The 6:30 showing will have a pair of brand new 179 Bros from PM Gear! Click for larger image 

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. The only way to purchase tickets in advance is to come to the Claremont Colleges some time next week, so most of you will probably end up paying $12. The shows will almost certainly sell out but if you let me know how many tickets you want and specify the showing (6:30 or 8:30), I can reserve them for you and they'll be ready to pick up when you arrive at the theater on 11/12.

To reserve tickets or get more information, send me a PM or email