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Big guy, need ski advice

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I've been skiing in Snowmass for a few years but I've always just rented. Last year I had a pair of Volkl AC30's and loved them. I think this year I'd like to buy a set of skis instead of blowing money on rentals every year. I'd like an all-mountain, as I mostly ski the blues but go onto the blacks. I'm hoping to continue to improve as a skiier.


I've looked at the Scott Crusade and the Scott Punisher, also I've looked at the Volkl AC 30 and AC 50, but they seem to be pretty expensive. My uncle swears by his Fischers as a good all-mountain.


I've seen the Scott Crusade come across Tramdock a few times but I'm scared to buy without bindings as I don't know a lot about bindings (or skis for that matter).


I'm used to skiing 181-ish, do you think I should go higher? I'm 6"5 and 250 with a size 14 foot. I appreciate everyone's help.


Suggestions on a good ski for a big guy?

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The Crusade's would probably be ok.  I would check out SJ's thread on 88mm skis and pick one of his recommendations and maybe just buy them from him.


If you mostly cruise, at your size, I wouldn't go any shorter than 181. 






I ski Aspen Mtn/Highlands a lot and I'm on a 90-100mm most of the time. 

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Thanks! I am looking for something and I'm on somewhat of a tight budget. Maybe he has something available?

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I picked up 2010 Crusades, Brand New on Ebay from Quigley (search for that seller), in 189cm for $249 plus $20 shipping last week. No one else even bid... the upside to being a big guy is that everyone is buying the shorter skis. I have not yet skied them as they will arrive tomorrow but I did read some awesome user reviews on these and feel like they could be a great. I ski Tahoe and this will be my everyday ski, and the Mega Dozers are my Powder Ski.


I used to love Heads for Big Guy skis, but they have ruined their monster (and thus renamed them weak, or, Peak.)

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