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Swix Tape Alternative

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I like to use the thin PVC tape that Swix, SVST etc sells to protect the base structure from tool marks and shavings when tuning.  My question is:  has anyone found an alternative from Lowes, Home Depot etc...


I don't mind the cost but my local shops never carry it.

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Blue painters tape?  I haven't tried it, but I would think it would work.


I gave up worrying about protecting the base during tunings (I don't race).  I've found that the better tuning tools (those that have a gliding plate along the base) don't have much of a problems with the shavings/filings.  If you have tools that use wheels then good luck - those wheels end up grinding the shavings/filings into the ski bases. 

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I tried the blue painters tape.    Tears too easy.  The backing need to be very smooth to let the tools glide.

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Package sealing tape works but it can be tough to get off clean.

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United States Postal Service Clear Packaging Tape works well, its easy-release tape. You can get it at Office Depot or for free at you local post office :P.




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X2 for Noodler,


Also used to use base tape religously but found with quality tools (think SVST Pro edge bevel with stainless face) do not seem to scratch or leave metal shavings in the base.


In addition, when using my base bevel tool (The Beast), you can see if you are actually just polishing the base bevel, or the adjacent Ptex. 





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I agree with Noodle, wouldn't use the Blue painters tape, tears too easy.

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Our factory Race service guys use regular masking tape.


Wax on a thick coat of wax very evenly, scrape the base side of the edge while it is warm and wait to cool and scrape the side edge and sidewall. Leave wax on until after filing. Use 2" wide masking tape and adhere on base along edge to be filed.

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