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Hi all, I am George, from the Swiss Alps.

I grew up on Olins and K2s (still have my 204 KVC with about 5days' skiing total on them). Comp SLs, Mark VI, Trident, Ultra SL are fond memories.

I found  a pair of NOS Olin DXS in 207 at a price too good to pass by, and I would like to fit them with either of these bindings:

-Salomon 737 Equipe

-Tyrolia 380D

-Look 99 RS

-Marker MRR


I have the first three and could find the MRRs if I looked around.


My days of very aggressive skiing are past now and I am more having fun with my kid now. While I have some short skis, the long straight ones still appeal very much.


So which one of the above would you use/recommend for the Olins?