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Ski tuning instructional video

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Hey all,


I know there is a boat load of tunning videos on youtube and so on, but there all different and use different types tools and or jigs!


Is there any video's out there that are worth watching with good and accurate techniques? I have done some ski tunning in my HS race days but have not since.




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What tools do you currently have?

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None, I have misplaced everything! I was planning on getting the RaceWax everything kit.


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Bunch of tuning tips and videos on Slidewright's blog:

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I have watched all the dvd's out there and think that the SVST one that I sell is the best ski tuning instructional video



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I second the vote for the slidewright blog videos. Very informative.
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Here you go.  This is the first of an eight part video series.  The channel has several more tuning and waxing videos as well.

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