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Frontside Carver

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I'm looking to purchase a new set of skis for frontside carving and navigating the blue ice of the east.  After looking at some ski reviews, I'm not sure if they still make skis under 100mm and with traditional camber?  My all mountain ski for the east is the Line Prophet 90, which I really like.  But, I am looking to add a fun carving ski that really holds an edge on ice.  I'm a level 8 skier that likes to ski fast.  Any recommendations appreciated.

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I think you might find the Volkl Tigershark 11 Foot to be to your liking.  They are 75 underfoot.  Still wide enough to cut through the crud and occasional runs off piste.  Holds on hardpack very well like most Volkls. A very fun frontside ski.


Rick G

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Most of the manufacturers will have something that fits your needs. 


I'm partial to Fischers.  The Progressor series are fabulous skis and favorably reviewed here.  New this year is the Progressor 10+.  73 underfoot with a 13/16m dual radius side cut.  Tried it last year on demo and was very, very impressed.


You might also consider a race stock ski.  Where you've got the Prophet for soft snow and general all-mountain go-to ski, a dedicated hard charging carver might be just the ticket. In the Fischer line the Worldcup RC Pro and SC Pro offer a slightly less demanding version of Fischer's Worldcup FIS skis that hold on absolutely anything the east can throw at you.


I've also tried carvers in Head, Volkl and Dynastar that work well on that "blue ice" we like to call Eastern hardpack.

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I ski Progressor 8+ in the east and they or the 9+ if you like more GS type turns, are great.  Similar to the RX8/RX9 line.  Great edge hold.  The 8's have no metal so are better in bumps and also are more short turn oriented.


I demo'd the Blizzard 7.6 skis last year and think they are amazing eastern ski as well.  This might be my first choice actually for an Eastern ski and they're not expensive.  Here they are for $400 with bindings.  Great ski.


Review (don't buy the "Intermediate" tag, stupid asaic.)




Also as OES says a Race Slalom ski is another great option.

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I second the Progressors. Great Eastern ski for hard conditions and light crud and junk.


The Blizzards on sale are the LT10 version. I don't know if that will matter for you in terms of performance, but the model for sale at has the cheaper LT10 IQ system bindings mounted, instead of the stock IQ12 that comes with that ski. 

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I have a friend that skis the Progressor 8+ and he loves them.  I'm planning on doing a demo day in early Jan and looking forward to trying out the Progressor lineup.  How do the Head Super shape magnum and the Blizzard G-force supersonic compare to the Fischers?

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I found both the Head and Blizzards a little damper than the Fischers, but still tenacious on eastern ice.  Can't go wrong with either choice.  The differences are subtle, so it comes down to personal preference ... demo, demo, demo!!! smile.gif

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A nice set of skis for the Eastern hardpack would be a pair of Fischer WC SC and a pair of Atomic D2 race GS. 

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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

A nice set of skis for the Eastern hardpack would be a pair of Fischer WC SC and a pair of Atomic D2 race GS. 

Very much so!


The Blizzard 7.6 is nice because it's a bit more versatile the a race ski and felt a bit more maneuverable then the Progressor.  I had ordered my Progressors after demoing them when I demoed the Blizzards and would have bought them on the spot if I hadn't already ordered the Fischers.  This was at Sunday River on March 31, so variable conditions, some spring, some ice.

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Most manufacturers have good-great carvers.  If you have the cash, check out the Stockli Laser SX and CX.  They will eat the ice, with the SX being a competition cross ski.  Like all the Laser series, the waists are narrow.

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