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Best skiing/snow week of new years?

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I've got a week off the end of december/early january and I'm planning a ski trip somewhere with some friends. What area consistently will have decent snow at that time of the year? I made the mistake of making a trip out to tahoe in mid december last year, only to find out kirkwood wasn't even open yet! Ski/powder/conditions are top priority, but also any nightlife would be a plus as well! Any suggestions?

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Not to be unhelpful, but that's kind of like asking for a surefire stock to quadruple your money on.  I've never seen anywhere that's completely reliable at that time of year--any time of year really, but especially December/early January. At least Utah and Colorado haven't been that surefire over the last few years. Plus you're going right during/after Christmas week, so even if snowed a few days before, it might very well be skied to the bone by the time you make it.


If ski/powder conditions are your top priority, I'd put the trip off for a week or two if at all possible and skip the holiday crowd. Then you could afford to wait until last minute to see what has the best base/forecast.


Or, move nightlife up your priority list, go somewhere like Whistler or Park City and celebrate the New Year's in style with or without prime conditions.

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Hmm... my crystal ball tells me.. you will have many people... telling you... to wait  wink.gif


Realistically, Whistler is generally (not always) good early season. That said, after the snowiest November ever, Whistler went through a thaw-freeze cycle and had a horrible ice-crusted December (at least for the week I was there). But there was a base anyway.


I've had better luck at Silver Star that early in the season. My old ski club tended to pick Silver Star as its first long trip destination out West for the year. However, the night life is minimal. 


Still no guarantees by any means. 

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There are never guarantees, but Whistler is usually reliable at that time of year and there IS a guarantee of a cooking nightlife.  However, the crowds and prices are legendarily gigantic between Christmas and New Year's Day.  La Nina should add a bit of a boost to the possibility of good snow this year.

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Whistler on Jan 2 2010 was epic smile.gif Lines were not even that bad. Of course, choosing any week in advance is a crapshoot.

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With the La Nina, I'd head towards mountains listed on Tony Crocker's site


However, I'd err towards later rather than sooner just due to holiday crowds, i.e., make it the 2nd week of Jan.

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