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PNWBRIT, from what I have gathered of Lisamarie she way underestimates her own technical capabilities and chooses not to ski terrain anywhere near as difficult as her skills would allow. Not skiing difficult terrain does not negate or take away her ability to recognize good skiing. I can take a total beginner up on a black diamond run and have them stand on the side lines and they will be able to pick out the skiers capable of skiing the run from the skiers with questionable skills. That does not take a critical trained eye. Changing those inefficient skills does take critical training but not recognizing that problems exist.
As far as her progress goes, I am not sure where to put that. I use to put that squarely in the same wuss catagory that you are but I am not sure now. A couple of years ago I changed my diet. Prior to the change, I constantly had extremely high levels of histamine in my system. A good shot of adrenaline dropped histamine levels making me feel invigorated and fantastic. I couldn't get enough and couldn't understand why everyone was such a wuss. Since my histamine levels have dropped into the normal range a shot of adrenaline completely wipes me out and makes me nervous. I no longer look for that shot of adrenaline and in fact, avoid it. Yup, that means I won't ski terrain as difficult as I once would have as an intermediate hack. Lisamarie no doubt has low histamine levels because of her attention to fitness. I would no longer call her a wuss because I don't know and don't assume to know, what reactions she has to getting the crap scared out of her.
That change has also made me much more conscious of safety, regulation and consideration of others. I now sound to myself like the very wusses I used to scorn. Like I said, I don't know anymore cause I don't know if the profound changes that happened in my personality are universal but I will give Lisamarie the benefit of the doubt.
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Ski Instructors should ski well while in uniform.
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I was skiing Yesterday at Park City.It was snowing hard pretty much all day.At times it was near white-out conditions.There was anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of snow.with wind loaded areas knee deep or better.I think the skiers on the Mountain that were having the most fun were the Instrutors That didn't have any classes.They were in Uniform and yes most were ripping!It was great to see.I'm not sure if it did anything to bring in more skiers to the ski school. But It sure made me want what they have.And what they have are well developed skills and knowledge.
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That histamine stuff sounds heavy. What made you change your diet? Just interested.

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1.) There is one difference between skiing and another sport that I can think of. Only in skiing is the coach supposed to out perform the student. In fact that is only in recreational skiing. DO you really think that Bode Miller or Picabo Streets coaches could out ski Them? After reading Todd's posts, and I spent 8 years skiing with Todd, I know that LM under rates herself. ( In fact I have said so before). Even if she was as underdeveloped physically as she claims READ HER POSTS the knowledge and training is there! Couple that with her knowledge of biomechanics and I would listen to anything she has to say about my skiing. It may be helpful and it may not, I happen to feel that way about some examiners.

2.) Will somebody, in another thread maybe, please help me out on this histamine thing. What is it about histamines that help aggression levels. All I know is that during haying season I absolutely hate life. (As does Todd, sorry Todd, the secret is out)

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Tom - good point about ski coach vs. student performance. Very simple fact, yet its never actually occured to me. Cool. I would say that in recreational Golf playing, Tennis and such its the same. But its excellent for us to all recognize that at the highest levels of performance in all sports, the atheletes can certainly outperform the coach - its not the coaches job to beat them, but rather to be the knowledge base and eyes for the athelete to help guide them to higher levels of performance.

My sister (Ann, I think you've met her Tom) is a Doctor and was telling me the other days she was in a study on histamines. She said they are "amazing things" -- and that anti-histamines, though they are sold over the counter, are one of the most powerful drugs out there. Used for a lot more that just the allergy uses most of us employ them for.

Do you suffer pollen allergies as bad as I do? Man, my life is hell during the heavy pollen seasons!

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Thanks guys! LOL, I was pretty intrigued by that histamine thing, too!

A few thoughts; if you know Todd, you know how high his standards are. Makes me think twice about what I would consider good skiing, for myself included.

As far as progress goes, as I said in a different thread, it depends upon what your goals were in the first place. I'm still amazed that I can get to the top of a mountain and not look down and have a spell of vertigo! Never thought I'd even CONSIDER going to a place like Fernie!

As far as observing and critiquing other skiers, some of the horrific stuff I see, particularly in New England, a non skier would be able to judge it as bad skiing! If someone is barreling out of control down a black diamond, knocking over everyone in sight, either leaning way back or hunched foward, neck sticking out in front of the rest of their body, etc., well it does'nt take a rocket scientist to know that that's bad skiing!

When people watched the olympics, did they compare who were the better skiers. Oh, but no one here is a world class athlete, so how can they comment on olympic skiers????

A few months ago, I was called every name in the book for saying that Janica Kostelic was a better skier than Sarah Shlepper.

Tom, even if next year's training camp does'nt happen, I would love to catch up with you some day at Wolf Creek. Another surprise, I've developed a fundness for less commercial ski areas!
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That a girl. While at Wolf Creek have Tom teach you an "old" powder tool. The "Stem Christie"!!!!

I could kick myself for not thinking about showing you this at Fernie! I feel like I let you down. It is easy and simple and an intermediates tool to enjoying the deep stuff. It is an old turn taught that was taught as the norm "in the day". Saw someone doing it in some old Warren Miller footage as slapped my head with disgust and thought I could have show Lisa that. Oh well, next time in Utah!

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And the topic is what? I mean who?

Almost 100 replies though. This is obviously a compelling conversation.

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This diet stuff is off topic so I am only going to say it once as I sound too myself, like some kook every time I say it.
Most of my life I had suffered from asthma and skin problems. In recent years I also had severe joint pain and hives 24/7. My cholesterol was 265 and my blood pressure was about 140/95. I took 600mg per day of Zantac to control gastritis and as an H2 blocker. I had retired from work in 92 because I could not be counted on to be at work. I had spent more than $50k on allergy specialists. Nothing was isolated as causing my condition except the easy to measure allergies such severe reactions to horses, cats and almost anything else with fur/feathers and house dust. In short, I had very high levels of histamine in my system from allergies. I did not expect to live past my 50's.
Then I tried a blood type diet that my brother in law used when he was body building. That diet changed my whole life.
Within two months, my blood pressure dropped to 100/66, my cholesterol went down to 187, I was completely off Zantac and I felt alive. Gone too, or greatly reduced, were my allergies to dust and animals. I rode a horse for the first time without a trip to the hospital.
What suprised me was a marked change in personality. That change was very welcomed by others around me.
I am no expert at diet, or how it works, or histamine, or exercise, or anything else I forgot to mention, so its a waste of time picking me apart. I will NOT go off this diet and follow it pretty closely. I am breathing so I will be as closed minded about alternatives as SCSA is to alternatives to PMTS. I'm scared to listen to alternatives. The experts at the Cleveland Clinic didn't do what a lousy diet book did for me.
If you are interested the web site is www.dadamo.com
I hope this helps someone else like it helped me.
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Wine has histamines in it. That's what a wine guy once told me when I asked "how come I always sneeze a lot when I drink wine?"

Now, back to topic...
Relating an experience:
I was skiing I-dropper (intermediate bumps) at Copper yesterday. The haul road (cat walk) intersects this run twice. While watching a woman (beginner in the bumps) snowboard her way down through the bumps a uniformed SI launched off the haul road lip, caught 15 feet of horizontal air and landed about an arms length from the woman. He skied the rest of the bumps very nicely. She fell from being startled. Next, I skied the rest of the run and skied close enough by the SI to hear his apology. I stopped and responded that he should apologize to (pointing to the snowboarder) her. He shrugged and skied away.

So, I ask you to think about this. What did Copper's SS benefit from this SI ripping in uniform?

I think there are too many other undesirable variables that come into play that negate the positives of instructors ripping (free-skiing) in uniform.

On the other hand, I like the idea of an organized session of uniformed SIs ripping in uniform. If it's a demonstration then it's good.

So, if we're talking about a free-for-all then there are too many possible bad factors that can come into play.
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