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Killington opens tomorrow

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Looks like opening day at Killington.  Also looks like I won't be there.


Up loading and down loading on the K-1 - you have to walk back up to ride back down.  The walk is 5 to 10 min. but it would probably take me 15.


There is no way for me to get away tomorrow, so I'm out. 

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I unsuccessfully tried searching for a list of other Eastern opening dates.  Does anyone know if such info exists?

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They don't normally say.  When it's time to open, they open.  Some will state a date towards the end of November or early December, but it doesn't mean much.

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What Paul said.


Resorts can plan to open on such and such a date, but unless the weather cooperates the date means nothing.  And in the east, almost every resort opens as soon as the weather permits, so it really is entirely up to the weather.  (some destination resorts will wait to open even if the weather would allow them to open earlier, but I don't think there are many of these in the east. shows all currently open resorts. 


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One thing that I have learned about skiing in the East, take advantage of every opportunity.  Sometimes December can be good and then everything gets wiped out.  We could have a good winter this season even though record warmth is building in New England.  There could be a lot of snow in spite of the warmth so get while you can.

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Some ski resorts have posted plan to open dates while others are waiting to see when the weather will allow for snowmaking. Most areas want to be able to provide top to bottom coverage prior to opening. is a great source.

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