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Certification levels and ISIA Reciprocity...

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Hi guys...I have been too busy to post but have dropped by to audit a few threads...as usual, great topics.
A quick question. Does anyone have a break down of comparable Cert levels by country and their equivilences? Using ISIA as a guide. The ISIA site had a page which I should have copied, 'cause now it is down.
I have a level III Swiss guy here who is being compensated at PSIA level III (I doubt if he is current from across the pond, but is probably inactive).
Some national associations, I believe run from III up to I with I being the highest cert level...some level II's are ISIA (I think Kiwi, if I remember right)....damn confusing...I would appreciate any help. Robin
Nolo, sorry to hear about HCC....loved the discourse, hope it finds a home here.
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Yeah, the Brits BASI goes in teh opposite direction of the US, so their level 1 is the top level.
Canada is the only 4 level system that I know of.
Australian level 2 gets you ISIA membership, and I suspect NZ is the same (have to be PSIA level 3 to get ISIA).

Some australian hills are now bumping down PSIA: level 2 PSIA is rated as equivalent to APSI 1.

ant (no US job for me this year, thanks UBL!)
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Swiss Lev III with ISIA stamp should be full cert. They have Canton levels and National levels so the ISIA stamp is his\her stamp of full cert. To get Swiss Lev III is a big deal. It is pretty close to the Austrian Statlicher which is slightly above Canadian Lev IV which is also a very big deal.

The Suisse work manly private instruction so they fit in to the USA private scenario well. (of course that depends on the all important personality)

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Thanks, Robin. It'll be nice when you get out from under that new job and have time to shoot the breeze.
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Thank you all!! Sorry about the impending summer sans turns Ant! I wish there was something I could help with.
OZ, found out pretty much the same thing! You confirmed it. He actually has his III is SB as well...and current! The CSIA IV is a bi*ch...that's why I left at III!
Nolo....I better take the time to shoot the breeze soon....afore I shoot sumthin' else! Again, thanks for the help!
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thanks Robin for the sentiment. Man from Oz was dead right...I was led astray by someone I trusted. More fool I.

Wow, a swiss level 3, formidable. I was working this season with a guy with Austrian level 2, and he was pretty impressive.
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I assume I know whom you are talking about. He also is a "Guide de Montagne". Sorry for my lousy french spelling. M.B. is a great guy, great skier/snowboarder, a wonderful guide, tremendous climber, and all around nice guy.

He has led many a great clinic at Eldora over the last three years. My all time favorite was when he paired snowboard instructors with ski instructors and we explored the limits of carving on Corona Bowl. It made all of us focus on the similarities between the two sports and went very far to bring the two groups of instructors together.
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There's a discussion about instructor pay rates over on the aussie forum (aussie and foreign, as many aussies also teach overseas) and this has come up as listing equivalencies:


Might be useful.
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