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Tecnica Dragon 120 Hiperfit - anyone using them?

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I'm getting new boots this season, and the shop has recommended the Tecnica Dragon 120 Hiperfit. I tried on the Dragon Slayer model today as they haven't received the Dragon 120 stock yet, and it fit very well in a 27.0 (street shoe 10-10.5, euro 43, width C-D I think? Wide forefoot). The bootfitter who seemed very knowledgeable recommended I try the Dragon 120 as the Dragon Slayers were a bit soft for my liking and size (205#).


They were tight but not painful in the shop (might try a 26 just to see, bootfitter recommended against it, said it's possible if I'm willing to suffer and have a lot of return visits, but I'm coming from 28.5 Head S12's which are too big, so 27 is an improvement).


I see this boot appears unchanged the last few seasons, is anyone using it any what is their experience like? Boots are of course an individual thing, just wondering general experiences with flex, performance etc. With my wide feet he didn't recommend any of the 98mm lasted boots (Dragon 130, Lange RS130 or RS130 wide). The DS certainly felt great fit wise but was too soft.

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I purchased them two seasons ago and love them although I have the flex turned all the way down.  BUT, just because I love them doesn't mean you will.  A little tight is good because they will beat down but to tight will cause hot spots and a lot of pain.  The reality is that know one can tell you if a boot is right for you other than you and your boot-fitter (as long as you are honest with them). 

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Ski boot width and fit is not just one thing or one parameter. Rather, it is the overall shape of the boot from the forefoot all the way to the rear with the midfoot being key.The Dragon Series has a rather odd fit. While the forefoot volume is relatively normal for a 100mm boot, the midfoot volume is very high. Thus, in the key steering and energy transfer areas of a ski boot, the Dragon shell is not very close in relationship to an average foot shape. If your foot is rather thick or bulbous in the midfoot area, a Dragon might be a good call. If your foot is more tapered (average) toward the mid/rearfoot area then the thick liner of the Dragon might feel relatively snug, but you will get precious little performance from the distant shell.


As in all boot related questions it is foot shape vs. boot shape. If the two match, the performance and fit will be good, if not....................not.



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Thanks guys, my foot is definitely not tapered, and the fitter explained that was the reason he thought the Dragon would work well (foot buldges out in the middle, and as SJ explains the shell doesn't taper in the midfoot like most do). I understand only myself and the fitter can determine if it is right (and I think it is), I just wanted people's general experience with the boot out on the snow. Bob: how much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking? I'm planning on leaving the stock flex, but I am a bit heavier (205# naked, probably 240ish with gear and pack)



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 I just wanted people's general experience with the boot out on the snow.



Someone Else's' experience on snow will have zero bearing on yours. Here's what I mean......

Here are some notes that I jotted down last year during a short round of boot testing. I thought the boot skied very poorly. "Lateral engagement was sloppy and ski response was vague. Overall, the fit was snug at the forefoot and at the top of the cuff but lacking in support everywhere else. This one had me wishing for a different boot within two runs."


I am fairly experienced at testing boots, but it's hard to find good points about a boot that just doesn't fit. My notes on some other Tecnicas that were more accurate for my foot shape were extremely positive.


Now....you have no idea what my foot is shaped like any more than the guy who says........"I have skied these Dragons for a whole year and just loved them"


I know that the glowing praise review is what you want to hear but it's just worthless information as my negative one is as well. The on snow experience of someone else in a ski boot has zero real value for you.



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Good points, I see what you are saying. The best boot in the world is the one that fits your foot.

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