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Decisions, decisions........

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Hey I am buying new skis this year and I have narrowed down to four models the only issue is I cant decide.  Is there any useful info to help me decide between them?


I am 19, 5'11" and 190 pounds and ski east coast, mostly vermont.  I mostly stay to groomers but, I do want something that can spend some time in trees.  Can you help?


The Choices....


  • '09 Head Monster iM76 Skis
  • 09 Blizzard Titan Cronus
  • 2010 Blizzard CRS Cross Skis
  • 10 Volkl AC3 Motion Skis


The only thing I have been told as of now is that the Volkls may be too narrow for going off groomed snow.  




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Out of the skis you listed, I am only familiar with the Volkl and Blizzard.  For both of those unless you are a low level intermediate and happy to stay there, I would go up one model in the lineup.  both the AC 3Motion and the CRs are strictly novice intermediate skis for groomed slopes.


The AC20 and the Magnum IQ 7.6 would be better choices in my opinion.


Good luck,


Rick G

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is an 88 mm width too wide?

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It depends.  Too wide for who and for what?  But based on your assesment of your current skills and the skis you listed 88 mm may be too wide especially if you are sticking mostly to groomers.


Just my $0.02 worth.


Rick G

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Then is 76 too narrow.  I do not want to slow if it snows a few inches and isnt groomed

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Also will the Blizzards handle Ice at all?

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Originally Posted by newguy13 View Post

Also will the Blizzards handle Ice at all?

you cna handle ice on their 100mm skis I dont see how a 76 mm ski from them wouldnt do much better.

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Thanks I was just worried because I read a review online that said the 88mm skis had issues once you got onto ice

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You need to demo them.  What works for me may not work for you.

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It has been my experience that with wider skis, it's generally harder to get an early edge-set, but managing performance on ice has more to do with technique than equipment.


If you are not standing on a ski correctly and applying early pressure in the right places, it doesn't matter what ski you are on--none of them will handle ice well and grip will be compromised.

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With regard to ski width and skiing on ice, sometimes it's the skill of the skier, sometimes the ski, often a combination. As a general rule, narrower skis will be better on ice.

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adding to Gary, generally stiff skis do well on ice. (and very well tuned)

then keep your weight centered so as to pressure the entire length of the edge.

so asking about an ice ski: is it stiff? is it betw 75 and 85 waisted?

85mm waisted is good on ice and into some powder or crud.

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I ski in vermont which means  I end up on ice no matter what but its not necessarily what im looking for.  I am really just worried that and 88 width will be too hard to switch edges but, in all honesty I have no idea.  Does anyone know anything about the blizzard cronus pair?

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I've been on the Cronus, it is a fantastic ski. I'm not sure it is going to be 'right' for you, but it is a great ski, it is far and away the best performance ski on your list... but that may not matter much. I think that there are probably some better choices for you out there, skis that will be better on the trails you ski. Have you looked at a Head Peak 78 (previously Monster 78)? Keep the waist width between the mid 70's and the mid 80's, wider will slow edge engagement and hamper performance on hard snow. Yes, I know that wide skis 'can' handle ice, but it takes strong technical skills to get there, a narrower ski will make it much easier to get a ski carving on groomers. Any ski will work in the trees, if you are simply skiing marked tree runs in VT then you are skiing bumps, not powder so narrow is still better. You will know when you will need to get a wide ski. Buy a ski that will work great for where you spend the most time.

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Originally Posted by garylk View Post

With regard to ski width and skiing on ice, sometimes it's the skill of the skier, sometimes the ski, often a combination. As a general rule, narrower skis will be better on ice.



I think that equipment makes a difference only if you are using correct form.  If someone is standing on the tails and skidding turns, the choice of ski will not really offer much practical benefit on ice. The skier will still be sliding and slipping, instead of gripping.


This is something I have figured out through my own experience and misfortunes over the years. When I get hesitant and pull back on ice sheets, I might as well be on a 2 by 4 at that point. What's under my feet is not going to help much if I am not standing in the right place and making early edge engagement.  The ice doesn't care if I am on a finely tuned race ski with razor sharp edges--quick pivots to turn, while skiing on the tails, will make me slide.

I would guess that if you took someone who always skis in the backseat and skids turns, and handed them an 80mm ski with a poor tune and a stiff 66mm ski with razor sharp edges and a race tune, they would probably get into more trouble with the latter as it would be easier to catch an edge, the stiffness of the ski would make pivoting difficult, and there would be less of a platform to balance on.


I certainly am not the most proficient on ice but the success and confidence I have gained in this area only came from changing techniques and patterns. New equipment never did a thing to increase my proficiency on true ice. Stiffer skis just made things worse, for the reasons noted above.  


For me, skiing ice has been mostly a head-game and success involved having the confidence to do what I do when it's not icey--let the edges do the work. if I revert to my old patterns of pulling back when the speed picks up, and skiing in the backseat,  I might as well have just pulled a ski from the rack at random


When someone wants to know how this or that ski handles on ice, just from my own modest experience I can provide some input. Without even knowing the model under question, if you are not going to be using proper form, the answer is --  like a bull in a china shop.





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Well if its down to those four skis please rate your favorite

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I think I have about a week to decide between the titans or the iM76 pair left 

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