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165 Racetiger SL's too long for me?

Poll Results: Best Slalom skis for me?

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    148cm Jr. Racetiger SL's
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    165cm Racetiger Race Stock SL
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Hey epicskiers! Newbie to the forum, but been skiing about 5 years or so, now. I'm a junior in HS (Turning 17 next week), and I've been on our MN High school slalom team for about 4 years, I believe. Anyways, the ski season is going to be starting up here soon, and so I just bought some new (used) gear.


Tecnica Diablo 130's, with a nice, tight fit.




'09 165cm Volkl Racetiger SL race stocks.


I'm moving up from 148cm Jr. Racetigers (from around '04, I believe) and some broken-ass cruiser boots with a flex rating of about 50 (no joke; it was insanely hard to control the skis with them). Anyways, I'm about 5' 10" or 5' 11", and around 130lbs, but I'm trying to bulk up to around 140lbs or so during dryland training, before the snow starts coming. I was REALLY inconsistent last year, even though I felt like I could carve awesome, tight turns in free runs. I just felt like I got way to far back on my heels in the course, which I have a feeling was largely due to my boots. In slow courses I was awesome, but I just feel like I instinctively went too far back on my heels on fast courses, and my boots didn't care what I did (they didn't keep my weight forward). So, hopefully that's true, and hopefully my skiing will improve quite a bit this year.


As far as the skis, are these 165's going to be too long for me? It seems like most of the guys on our team run 165's.


I suppose it would be a good idea to try both and see what works better, but it would be cool if I might be able to sell the jr. racetigers at a ski swap - it's an expensive sport, and owning/driving a car as well has some big expenses to it too. aka I need money, haha.


So, should I just keep the 148's for now, and experiment with what works better for me, or sell the 148's and just run the 165's? I think I just answered my own question, but it'd be rad if I could get some input from you guys.


Thanks guys!

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simple. 165 is gonna feel long for youcoming from a 148, sespecially cfrom a junior ski. As for MN hills, they are short and the courses are set tight. I've seen racers go from 155-160 generally here for high school sl. You may have some trouble with the 165 at first, but they should be fine. good luck.





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I started out on 165's for race skis coming from 163 foam core beginner skis, and I had absolutely no problem on them, and I was pretty similar in size when I started racing (145lbs, 5'9").

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Will they feel long, esp compared to a 148 jr ski? of course.


Will you be able to handle them? After a few days (weeks?), for sure. I'm shorter than you (5-8 ish) and about the same weight ... and I handle them fine.


Just get a lot of time on them and you'll love them.

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Thanks guys. I probably should've looked for a 155cm length ski, but I impulse-bought them for $375. If they seem way too long after adjusting to them, I can probably sell them for pretty close to what I got them for.


Another question: Where can I get ski pants with side zips, without having to pay eleventy-billion dollars? Any suggestions?


I'm not too picky as long as they're not super-retarded looking, and that they have side zips. Taking off my boots to get my ski pants off before a run just sucks, period. Takes my mind off what I should be thinking about, too.

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go to ebay for side zip pants. If you are going to be training SL in them buy used so you can tear them up with no worries.

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If you are looking for side-zip pants, I have a great pair  of Vist pants in black , large, good condition.


$55 + shipping.  Pm for detaisl & pics

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I'd like to note that you'll probably have a harder time adjusting to the new boots than your new skis. Jumping from something like a flex 50 to a 130 is going to be more drastic than skis that are 15cm longer.

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The length will take a little getting used to, but your biggest challenge is going to be the stiffer flex.  There is a big difference in stiffness between a Jr race ski and a full FIS ski.  A 155 or 160 cm wall stock race ski would have been a better step for development, but unfortunately, the money factor sometimes pushes a compromise.


Adding a few pounds to your frame might help, might not.  If you happen to gain some weight as you do some skiing-focused strength development, that will be moving in the right direction.  Just adding mass isn't enough. 


You can probably overpower your old Jr race ski fairly easily.  The FIS ski won't be so forgiving, and you will want to spend a good amount of time freeskiing with the new ski to build up the skills you'll need to hang on in the race course. 

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